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克罗地亚语单词学习 截图

克罗地亚语单词学习 克罗地亚语单词学习 克罗地亚语单词学习 克罗地亚语单词学习 克罗地亚语单词学习 克罗地亚语单词学习 克罗地亚语单词学习

克罗地亚语单词学习 描述

Are you interested in learning Croatian, but just don't have the time?
Let's face it, not everyone can commit full-time to learning a language. We know there are many things going on in your life: school, work, the kids, that special someone. That's why we developed WordPower Learn Croatian Vocabulary Lite for the ultra-busy, 21st century lifestyle. There's absolutely no reason to miss out on all the benefits of learning Croatian just because you're light on time. With WordPower Learn Croatian Vocabulary Lite, you'll start down the road to fluency and reap the rewards that go with it.
With WordPower Learn Croatian Vocabulary Lite, you'll master 100 of the most frequently used words and phrases in the Croatian language right on your Android device! The app doubles as a mini travel guide packed with cultural insights and practical Croatian phrases. Learn Croatian with audio recordings of a native Croatian speaker and a voice recorder so you can master perfect pronunciation anywhere, anytime. This list of the 100 most frequently used Croatian words is compact enough to fit a little review into you busy schedule. Study at your convenience at times and places that work for you! WordPower Learn Croatian Vocabulary Lite also comes with an addictive Word of the Day alert.
What makes WordPower so effective? It's Fun, Fast and Easy to Use!
WordPower Learn Croatian Vocabulary Lite FEATURES:
- Completely redesigned UI. The user interface has been redesigned from the ground up to be much cleaner, beautiful, and more user friendly
- New! Android Tablet support
- Croatian Top 100 Words: A special list of words specific to daily life in Croatia. You’ll learn handy cultural insights with every entry transforming Word Power into a mini travel and cultural handbook (3G or WiFi required to access Wikipedia links within the app)
- Essential Croatian vocabulary all in one place showing you the spelling, translation, pronunciation, image, class and gender (Note: You will need an internet connection for the initial download)
- Sample Sentences: See and hear practical sample sentences with every word entry
- Updated Basic Resources: Want to explore the Croatian language even more? Learn everything you need to know with this comprehensive source of Croatian learning tips, information and material
- Easy to Use Design: Intuitive Android swipe navigation allows visual learners to browse vocabulary images quickly. Find everything you need without excessive swiping and tapping
- Custom Flashcard Settings: You're in control of your study sessions. Mix up question types (recognition, production, audio and visual) for a full understanding of each word
- Listening Practice: Hear each word's proper pronunciation by a native speaker
- Perfect your Pronunciation: Compare your pronunciation to the native speaker's with the Voice Recorder, easily accessible throughout the app
- Personalized Word Bank: Save difficult or useful words, with their audio files, to review at any time
- Advanced Search Function: Search entire database in English or Croatian
- Progress Bar: Keep track of how many words you have really mastered
- Authentic Croatian pronunciation
100 words not enough?
Upgrade to WordPower Learn Croatian Vocabulary full edition to get 2000 more words and phrases!f
- 完全重新设计的UI。用户界面经过重新设计,从地上爬起来要干净,美观,更人性化
- 新!支持Android平板
- 克罗地亚语100字的话,具体到每天生活在克罗地亚的一个特殊列表。您将学习每个条目转化字功变成一个小型的旅游和文化手册(3G或WiFi访问维基百科的链接内的应用程序所需的方便的文化见解)
- 基本克罗地亚词汇都在一个地方,你拼写,翻译,语音,图像,阶级和性别(注:您将需要一个互联网连接的初始下载)
- 例句:看到和听到的每一个字条目的实际样品的句子
- 更新了基本资源:要探索更克罗地亚语言?学习一切你需要知道这个全面克罗地亚学习技巧,信息和材料来源
- 易于使用的设计:直观的Andr​​oid轻扫导航让视觉学习者迅速浏览词汇图像。查找你需要的一切,而不过度刷卡和攻丝
- 自抽认卡设置:你控制您的学习班。一个完整的理解每个单词的混合类型的问题(识别,生产,视听)
- 听力练习:​​听到的每个单词的正确发音的母语
- 完善你的发音:你的发音比较母语的录音机,方便整个应用程序
- 个性化的Word银行:保存困难或有用的话,他们的音频文件,在任何时候检讨
- 高级搜索功能:搜索整个数据库英语或克罗地亚
- 进度条:跟踪你真的掌握了多少单词
- 正宗克罗地亚发音

克罗地亚语单词学习 更新内容

-fixed some missing data

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