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Scan Fax EasyOffice Scan Fax EasyOffice Scan Fax EasyOffice Scan Fax EasyOffice

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Take a picture of a document with your camera (Scan FAX function) look at the preview and send it directly via FAX. Try sending it using the free fax page and recharge your app with credit to send more faxes.
Turn your smartphone into a real FAX device; carry with you the benefits and savings of sending and receiving on the move. Activate a Plan, a subscription that includes FAX pages to send, unlimited fax reception and geographical FAX number with the area code of residence.
Attach or store your files (pdf, doc, xls ...), then use the features of the app or, thanks to the new integration, Dropbox, without having to leave Scan FAX EasyOffice.
Send your free FAX page, and to continue to use the service, you need to top up, directly from the app, and this will be converted into credits. For an easier solution, choose the Subscriptions Plans, with the best prices on the web for sending and receiving faxes.
The geographic number used for receiving unlimited faxes, is available only by subscription within the Plan.
附加或存储文件(PDF,DOC,XLS ......),然后使用应用程序或功能,这要归功于新的整合,Dropbox的,而无需离开扫描传真EasyOffice。

Scan Fax EasyOffice 更新内容

- The Scan FAX function is improved and optimized. In addition, before sending, it is possible to transform the image and preview the files to be sent in black and white.
- Integration with Dropbox to attach and store your files without having to exit Scan FAX EasyOffice.

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Android 3.1.x 以上
Google Play

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