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Billig Tanken AT Free

Billig Tanken AT Free

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Billig Tanken AT Free Billig Tanken AT Free Billig Tanken AT Free Billig Tanken AT Free Billig Tanken AT Free

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Billig Tanken always shows you the most current and cheapest fuel prices in Germany and Austria.
The most recent data comes from the Bundeskartellamt / Markttransparenzstelle für Kraftstoffe in Germany and from the E-Control Spritpreisrechner in Austria.
Billig Tanken offers features like color coding of prices and data quality, favorite gas stations, search at different locations, exact travel distances, map display and navigation.
While the Austrian E-Control Spritpreisrechner application shows only the best 5 results, Billig Tanken shows all results of gas stations near you (and your favorite gas stations will always be included).
Finding the best gas station for you never has been easier.
Upgrade to the full version to hide ads.
Version history and detailled explanation of permissions can be found on the app website.
BILLIG Tanken总是显示你最新的和最便宜的燃料价格在德国和奥地利。
最新的数据来自联邦卡特尔局/ Markttransparenzstelle献给Kraftstoffe在德国,然后从E-控制Spritpreisrechner在奥地利。
BILLIG Tanken提供类似颜色编码的价格和质量的数据,最喜欢的加油站,搜索在不同的地点,准确的旅行距离,地图显示和导航功能。
而奥电子控制Spritpreisrechner应用程序只显示出最佳的5个结果,BILLIG Tanken显示加油站的所有结果接近你(和你最喜欢的加油站总是会包括在内)。

Billig Tanken AT Free 更新内容

better indication that navigation action uses Google Maps
hiding navigation option if Google Maps is not installed
force data update if triggered from user interface (even if location has not changed)
added high resolution launcher icons
fixed HTML enconding in help file
new option to disable label suffix on GPS-coordinates passed to Google Maps
fixed issue when closing the app from the list of open windows

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旅游出行 地图导航
Android 2.3.2 以上

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