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-Just Rugby Shuffle- The Fun App that instructor & fans need and players want. TIPS to Improve your pass technique and/or learn a more powerful way to tackle with our SHUFFLE BUTTON. Rugby JOKES at your fingertips and a great Rugby GLOSSARY as well. Learn memorable QUOTES from coaches and pros the best Rugby tips to gain the best advantage techniques to kick the ball & score, make a better chistera, and even drills to better coach your team. If you are not familiar with the multiples rules you can find in the sport, there is a section explaining rules and specific Rugby terms so that you may enjoy the sport to it’s fullest. Download this unique App and for a limited time the app includes FREE rugby jokes & quotes. It’s also available on iPad for download. Just Rugby is the perfect app to bring culture, tips and rules and fun to the game. “Tips are SHORT and helpful, love it" 5 STARS" ~ D. Van Pettersen “My wife finally understands Rugby rules, Thank you Just Rugby”~ J. Smith “So funny, in Rugby you can definitely find the best jokes.” ~ J. Kendrick “A great tool when you want to improve your skills & learn drills.”~ A. Lopez “Pictures used to illustrate the tips are really awesome”~ S. Ecalle Carry it with you to the game, or before playing a game for a quick reminder of long forgotten lessons. SHUFFLE the categories to quickly see what you want and review it with your teammates or friends. Glossary will explain everything the rules and how the game is referred. Warm up by reading some catchy coach quotes, chill a bit with the jokes or getting immediately in the game atmosphere by using the several tips to be more effective. Gain Power & technique.Fix that drop kick. Kicking tips Punting Technique Grubber Kicks. Chip and Chase Box Kick Passing Tips. The Swerve & Sidestep The Double Sidestep Hand-Off Scoring and Converting a Try Ankle Top Charging Down Pick and Go TipsTackle techniques. Chistera TechniquesSwerve Better.Learn to make a "tap tackle" Jokes Quotes - Just Rugby is your rugby app instructor coaxing you through over 500+ tips that the professionals 'know' and beginners need. Professional rugby players get a short secret tip from one of their fellow competitors or their coaches, with Just Rugby, GET these secrets at your fingertips.. In App E-mail for easy forwarding and suggestions for future updates. E-mail comments to S. Smith: info@PictureFilms.com

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Android 2.3.7 以上



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