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Easy Shopping Calculator

Easy Shopping Calculator

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Easy Shopping Calculator Easy Shopping Calculator Easy Shopping Calculator Easy Shopping Calculator Easy Shopping Calculator Easy Shopping Calculator Easy Shopping Calculator Easy Shopping Calculator Easy Shopping Calculator Easy Shopping Calculator

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Stop guessing how much you will pay at the checkout counter!
With Easy Shopping Calculator, you can create an entire list of items that you'll need when you get to the store. While shopping, input quantities and prices, and you'll have a running total as you continue shopping. An item not already listed in the app? Just add it to the items list. If there's and extensive number of items not listed in the app, you can create lists on your PC and transfer them to the app via USB.
If you have a business, you can use Easy Shopping Calculator to cost out your job. Easy and convenient for when you're out in the field away from your computer. Even send bills and invoices via e-mail
Create multiple lists of items, categorized any way you like. You can get a complete overview of your past purchases for future budgeting purposes.
- Send receipts/invoices as pdf by email.
- Incredibly easy to use and understand.
- Intuitive user interface, very simple and fast entering of your shopping items with lists created before
- Shopping lists can be created on pc and then transferred to the phone via usb (adding additional items to you list when you're in the store is also very easy with minimal number of clicks)
- Multiple shopping list templates/categories
- Instantly calculates the current total of items while shopping
- Remembers all your shopping items and your shopping lists
- Complete overview of past purchases
- Item names listed by categories
March 4, 2014.
If you have problems opening receipt.pdf (generated from the app) with Adobe Reader for Android on your mobile phone/tablet, please try another pdf reader app for Android or open the document on your computer.
Quickoffice app, Amazon Kindle app and probably most of the pdf reader apps for Android don't have problems with opening receipt.pdf.
- 通过电子邮件发送收据/发票为PDF格式。
- 非常容易使用和理解。
- 直观的用户界面,非常简单和快速与之前创建的列表您的购物项目的进入
- 购物清单可以在PC上通过USB接口来创建,然后转移到手机(添加额外的项目,你列出当你在店里也是最小的点击数很容易)
- 多个购物清单模板/类别
- 即时计算当前总的项目,而购物
- 记住你所有的购物项目和购物清单
- 过去购买的完整概述
- 按类别列出的产品名称
如果你有使用Adobe Reader为Android在手机/平板电脑打开receipt.pdf(从应用程序生成的)问题,请尝试其他的pdf阅读器应用程序的Andr​​oid或您的计算机上打开该文档。

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- few bugs have been fixed

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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