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My Budget Planner

My Budget Planner

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My Budget Planner My Budget Planner My Budget Planner My Budget Planner My Budget Planner My Budget Planner

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My Budget Planner is one of the easiest app to keep track of all your daily expenses but also planning your budget. In daily life use, My Budget Planner provides handy use for tracking your daily expense transactions and income transactions.

~ Planning helps you to aspire monthly budget with categorized in Income and expense, which enables the budget planning treats.
~ Generic Category option is provided for opportune for user
~ Provide materialized Reports for Income and expense wise for transaction, planning and budget.

~ Graph acknowledges enrich explorer view for simplified understanding.
~ Utility provides in-between work like calculator, calendar.
~ Secure Login enables your transaction protected; Lock the app with a password.
~ Graph and reports with date filters.

My Budget Planner includes
Inputs to App
1) Planning: - So user can record its budget of the month.
2) Transaction: - Records daily income/expense transaction of the user.
3) Category: - To Add/Update/Delete various custom categories of income and expense.

Output of App
1) Planning graph: - Displays graphical representation which shows total planned income/expense budget of the month.
2) Transaction graph: - Displays graphical representation which shows total income/expense of the daily transaction.
3) Planned V/s Trans. : - Displays graphical representation which shows total planned budget and total transaction incurred within the specified date range. (User can add/remove date filter).
4) Planning Report: - List of categories with total income/expense expected during month.
5) Transaction Report: - List of transactions occurred in between range of dates (user can add/remove date filter).
6) Planned V/s Trans. Report.:- Shows total planned budget with different categories V/s total transaction incurred between range of date (user can add/remove date filter).

Use-case of Planning
I. Select Category i.e. Income/ Expense.
II. Enter the amount in provided input box. If desired budget item is not found, user can add category from the Category form.

III. Select the duration of the amount, i.e.
Monthly: - entered amount is monthly.
Yearly: - for yearly based amount.
Weekly: - for weekly based amount.
Fortnight: - for 14 day based amount.
Default: - Monthly.
IV. And click on Save Planning. (Changes will not be saved if user doesn't clicks on Save Planning button)

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Android 2.0.0 以上
iProgrammer Australia 44

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