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Manage, catalog and share your books library with Codex NEW: Import and export feature (CSV and XML)Book collection search featureNotifications for loaned books Codex is a book manager application that helps you manage and catalog your books library. All you have to do is scan the book ISBN and the book information is downloaded from the web. You can organize your books, manage your book loans and even create a book wish list to help you find the best prices for the books you wish to buy and remember where you found them.Share books with your friend with a simple text message to people in your contacts. Codex will get all the information your friends need about the book.All book information can be downloaded from the Internet, including the book cover. If a cover is not available you can pick an image from your phone library to use has the book cover or take a picture of the book.Codex also supports multiple languages with English, Portuguese and French translations. With Codex you can:* Add books to the list simply by scanning the book ISBN. The book data will be downloaded from the Internet.* Add a book by typing the ISBN. If an ISBN barcode is not available is always possible to type the ISBN manually.* Add a book by typing the book information. If the book has no barcode or is not possible to find the book information on the web the book data can be typed manually.* Manage your loaned books. Each time you loan a book Codex helps you remember, allowing you to mark that book have loaned and setting the person you loaned it to from your contacts.* Create a wish list with the books you wish to buy. Add a book you don't have and the store you found it. Each book can have multiple stores so that you can compare prices and choose the best price.* Remember the location of the store where you found the books in the wish list. If you don't know the address Codex can get the GPS location for you.* Filter your book by author, publisher or category.* Easily find books in your wish list or books that you've loaned.* Pick an image from your phone image library to use has a book cover. If you don't have an image from the cover just take a picture of it.* Want to share this book with a friend? Just recommend the book. With Codex you can recommend a book with a simple SMS message. If your friend also has Codex in his phone Codex will get all the book information your friend needs.* Multilanguage support with English, Portuguese and French.* Importing and exporting book to CSV and XML so that they can be synchronized between devices.* Search the books collection to easily find the correct book.* When you lent a book you can set a due date and Codex will remember you when the due date is met. Codex will maintain a loan history for each book so that you know to whom you have lent it to. Codex is free, you can use it without any restrictions for as long has you want. If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact the developer's team at codex.android@gmail.com Keywords: codex book manager catalog library organize loan wishlist contact message cover photo image scan barcode books ebook address gps location recommend phone sms store isbn friends share free online web internet read language export import cvs xml excel search

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Android 2.2.x 以上



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