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Khan Academy-Irynsoft Virtuoso

Khan Academy-Irynsoft Virtuoso

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Khan Academy-Irynsoft Virtuoso Khan Academy-Irynsoft Virtuoso

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An update to Irynsoft's successful software supporting Khan Academy. We've completely updated the interface, improved video quality, added new features (some not available in this free version of the software), and optimized for tablets--including the Kindle Fire!
NOTE: This app was designed for tablets, but should still run on phones with resolution of 800x480 and above. However, we have only tested on a handful of devices (our primary device was a Motorola Atrix). If you have consistent issues with your device, please share that information with us at info@irynsoft.com so that we can pass it along to other users.
Khan Academy is a non-profit video channel with over 1,000 videos covering topics ranging from high school math and science to banking and venture capital. This app uses the Virtuoso mobile video platform created by Irynsoft. Virtuoso is a new way to view educational content on your mobile devices. It makes learning a social experience allowing users to view videos, track usage, quiz themselves, post to a forums, create "oral reports", rate content, and join study groups. This app for Khan Academy has limited some of the features, but is available free of charge. It is NOT the official Khan Academy app. We're just hoping to promote consumption of the great Khan content and have people use our platform.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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