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ClearRecordLite 描述

ClearRecord – the ultimate voice recording App for your Android phone.
ClearRecord brings the unique feature of Ambient Noise Reduction (ANR), which allows user to record conversations in any harsh noisy environments like street, train, classroom or an airplane while still maintaining clear voice. ClearRecord also features the ability to control play-speed without modifying pitch quality. All the voice and audio recordings can be effectively stored either .wav or .aac formats. These unique features, combined with the ability to record in background, make ClearRecord a must have App for voice and audio recording.
In addition to unique noise reduction feature, ClearRecord supports voice notes features like voice tagging, editing and photo insertion, which help us remember the context of the discussion/recordings. With all these features supported makes ClearRecord the must have voice recorder App for students, journalists, transcribers, lawyers, doctors, educationalists and many more.
With already 1 million users ClearRecord establishes itself at the next must have app on the list, for both iOS and Android users.
What reviewers are saying:
“Listed as one of the 18 life-changing Android Apps” – Brainline.org
“There are lots of smart phone apps you can use to record conversations and presentations, unfortunately not all of them can enhance the audio recording process to ensure that the playback is clear and useable. One of the best Android apps for recording college lectures is one called ClearRecord”
- bestandroidappsfor.com
What users are saying:
“Awesome app :) the noise reduction works great”
“Very useful app. Noise reduction is good. Literally turns the iPhone into a full-fledged voice recorder.”
“Sound quality is fab. It's simple easy to use one of the best out there. Very chuffed.”
“Automatic gain control acts perfectly levelling the loud sounds, even yelling a few inches from the microphone: no clipping, no distortion.”
“Excellent. This was also the only one I could find that had the functionality of being able to continually repeat a track.”
“I used it for the first time today to record an hour long lecture, and it functions so easily and smoothly. I sat in the middle of a very large lecture hall, and still, this app picked up the professor's voice very well. I love the noise reduction too! It really makes everything so crisp and clear!”
ClearRecord Lite supports:
- ANR* to produce noise-free voice recordings in harsh noisy environments
- Editing feature*** to cut/trim recorded audio
- Auto resume recording when interrupted by a phone call
- Sampling frequency of 16 kHz for voice recording and 48 kHz for HD recording using presets
- Categorize** recordings and flag as favourite for easy access to important recordings
- Click images**, insert tags** and write notes to easily recollect the context of the recording
- Share recordings via Dropbox, e-mail and Wi-Fi
- One tap quick record feature
- Simple and intuitive UI
- WAV and AAC format
Limitations in Lite version:
* ANR is enabled only for first 5 minutes in each recording.
** Features are limited to 1 image, 5 tags and 5 categories
*** Edited audio cannot be saved in Lite version
For additional features please upgrade to ClearRecord Pro version. ClearRecord Pro supports:
- Save and share edited file
- Unrestricted ANR during recording
- Unlimited images, tags and upto 100 categories for recordings
- Supports finer play speeds of 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.25x or 1.5x without modifying pitch quality
- Repeat/Loop mode – Continuous playback of a portion of a track
ClearRecord - 终极录音应用程序的Andr​​oid手机。
ClearRecord带来环境降噪(ANR),它允许用户记录对话在任何恶劣嘈杂的环境像街头,火车,教室或飞机,同时仍保持清晰的声音的独特功能。 ClearRecord还设有控制播放速度,而无需修改沥青质量的能力。所有语音和音频录制,可以有效地存储或者.wav和.AAC格式。这些独特的功能,结合后台记录的能力,使ClearRecord一个必须有应用程序进行语音和音频录制。
“列为18改变生活的Andr​​oid应用之一” - Brainline.org
- bestandroidappsfor.com
- ANR *产生噪声的语音记录在恶劣的噪声环境
- 编辑功能***切割/修剪录制的音频
- 当被一个电话打断了自动恢复录制
- 抽样16千赫录音和48 kHz的使用预置高清录制频率
- **分类,录音和国旗的喜爱容易获得重要的记录
- 点击图片**,插入标签**和写笔记轻松地回忆录音的情况下
- 通过Dropbox的,电子邮件和Wi-Fi分享录音
- 一个水龙头快速记录功能
- 简单和直观的用户界面
* ANR只启用了前5分钟在每个记录。
有关其他功能,请升级到ClearRecord专业版。 ClearRecord Pro支持:
- 保存和共享文件的编辑
- 录制过程中无限制ANR
- 无限图像,标签和高达100类别录音
- 支持0.5倍,0.75倍,1.25倍和1.5倍的更细的播放速度,而无需修改沥青质量
- 重复/循环模式 - 轨道的一部分连续播放

ClearRecordLite 更新内容

Version 2.1
- UI Optimization
- Option to share audio / audio with images, notes as zip
- Bug fixes
Version 2.0
- Completely revamped UI
- Editing features like cut and trim
- Categorization and favorites that allows users to organize their audio recordings
- Tags to mark important sections in a recording
- Images and notes to add context to audio recordings
- Search through recording

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ClearRecordLite 信息

Android 4.1.x 以上



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