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iPP Podcast Player iPP Podcast Player iPP Podcast Player iPP Podcast Player iPP Podcast Player iPP Podcast Player iPP Podcast Player iPP Podcast Player iPP Podcast Player iPP Podcast Player

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Podcast Republic is a high quality podcast app on Android with 2 million downloads and 40,000 reviews!
Podcast Republic is all your need for managing and playing your Podcasts, Audio books, and YouTube channels/playlists. Feature completed and highly customizable. Just download it and enjoy your podcasts on your Android devices.
Join the community of Podcast Republic for bugs & suggestions: http://goo.gl/ICAVwg.
Join our Beta Tester program:
Please use the link https://goo.gl/By2Htd to get the beta testing version on your device. Thank you!
Follow us on Twitter @nonlinearsoft.
This is ads supported app. Ads can be removed through in-app purchase.
www.lifehacker.com: The Best Podcast Manager for Android
www.lifehack.org: Top 5 Podcast Apps For Android
www.makeuseof.com: The 8 Best Podcast Players for Android
www.androidcentral.com: The best podcast apps for Android
www.androidheadlines.com: Featured: Top 10 Podcast Apps for Android
- Audio and video podcast support. Subscribe, browse, and listen to any podcast. Your favorite podcast is just at the tip of your fingers.
- Streaming and downloading. Streaming podcasts without the need for a download. Or download them for offline play.
- Fully automated download. Just enable the auto download, your new episodes will be downloaded and ready for you.
- Offline playback of audio and video, save your data consumption
- Multiple playlist support for better organizing your podcast playing
- Synchronize between devices (with Dropbox).
- Import and export podcast subscription using OPML format
- Save download to SD card, free your internal storage.
- Multiple language support: Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.
- Built-in Tablet layout. One app for all screen sizes.
- Chromecast support
- Android wear support
- Android Auto support
Built-in Media Player
- Plays audio and video podcasts
- Support variable playback speed
- Stream or play offline
- Remembers play position
- Bluetooth support
- Sleep timer to stop audio player after you sleep
- Features a car mode for easy and quick playback control
Download Management
- Automatically fetch feeds on a configurable interval
- Automatically download new episode
- Automatically deletes downloaded podcast that has been listened to
- Multiple playlist support for better organizing your podcast playing. Create as much playlists as you like.
- Support audio/video playlist for continuous play
- Sortable playlist plus manual drag and sort ability for easy playlist management
- Fully configurable. A lot configuration options to meet your specific needs.
- Customize skip intervals in the mid of the playback or even skip the beginning of the podcast
- Two level settings, global settings and individual podcast settings, to fine tune the settings.
- Configurable home screen widget to fit your beautiful wallpaper
- Sixteen color themes to select
For Mashmallow users:
please grant the storage accessing permission. This app need to access the storage to be able to download podcast and cache artworks used.
跟随我们的Twitter @nonlinearsoft。
www.lifehacker.com :最佳播客管理器为Android
www.lifehack.org :前5个播客应用程序的机器人
www.makeuseof.com :为Android 8最佳播客玩家
www.androidcentral.com :最好的播客应用程序为Android
www.androidheadlines.com :精选:前10个播客应用程序为Android
- 音频和视频播客支持。订阅,浏览和收听播客的任何。你最喜欢的播客就是在你的指尖。
- 流媒体和下载。流播而不需要下载。或下载他们离线播放。
- 全自动下载。只启用自动下载,你的新剧集将下载并为你准备好。
- 音频和视频离线播放,保存您的数据消费
- 为更好地组织你的播客播放多个播放列表支持
- 设备间同步(与Dropbox的)。
- 使用OPML格式导入和导出播客订阅
- 保存下载到SD卡,释放你的内部存储。
- 多语言支持:中国,捷克语,英语,法语,德语,意大利语,波兰语,葡萄牙语,俄语,西班牙语。
- 内置平板布局。一个应用程序的所有屏幕尺寸。
- Chromecast支援
- Android的磨损支持
- Android的自动支持
- 播放音频和视频播客
- 支持变速播放速度
- 流或离线播放
- 记住播放位置
- 支持蓝牙
- 你睡觉之后,睡眠定时器停止音乐播放器
- 特色功能方便快捷的播放控制汽车模式
- 可配置的时间间隔自动提取饲料
- 自动下载新的节目
- 自动删除已听取了下载播客
- 为更好地组织你的播客播放多个播放列表支持。只要你喜欢创造尽可能多的播放列表。
- 支持音频/视频播放列表连续播放
- 可排序的播放列表加上方便的播放列表管理手册的Drag and Sort功能
- 完全可配置的。很多配置选项,以满足您的特定需求。
- 自定义跳跃间隔在重放的中间或即使跳过播客的开始
- 两个级别的设置,全局设置和个人播客设置,以微调设置。
- 可配置的主屏幕小部件,以适应您的精美壁纸
- 十六色彩主题来选择

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Android 4.4.4 以上

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