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WGR – Sports Radio 550下载

WGR – Sports Radio 550

WGR – Sports Radio 550

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WGR – Sports Radio 550 WGR – Sports Radio 550 WGR – Sports Radio 550 WGR – Sports Radio 550

WGR – Sports Radio 550 描述

WGR – Sports Radio 550 is the only 24/7 sports source in Western New York and of the official voice of both the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills.
This app will allow you to listen to Buffalo’s only sports radio station anywhere you go, so you can stay up to date on everything going on in the Buffalo sports scene, and listen to all your favorite WGR hosts and shows anytime, anywhere. And, you won’t have to miss another Sabres game. *
While you are listening, make sure you keep up to date by using the rest of our app as we have linked our website directly into this app! Get the latest sports news, read up on the opinions of our staff or check into our audio vault to listen to the best interviews we have to offer or the latest Sabres highlights.
Download the WGR app today, and you’ll never miss a beat from the Buffalo sports scene!
*Broadcast regulations governed by the National Football League prevent WGR Sports Radio 550 from providing a live play by play broadcast of Buffalo Bills football on the WGR app. A stream of the game is available at WGR550.com and over the air at WGR 550 AM.
WGR - 体育广播550是唯一的24/7体育在纽约州西部布法罗军刀,水牛城票据的官方声音来源。
此应用程序将允许你听布法罗唯一的体育电台,你去任何地方,所以你可以熬夜迄今为止一切都在布法罗运动现场,并听取所有您最喜爱的WGR主机和显示,随时随地。而且,你将不会错过另一个骑兵队的比赛。 *
*受全国足球联赛的广播法规防止WGR 550体育电台发挥广播水牛城票据足球改革工作组应用程序提供直播。 WGR 550 AM在WGR550.com在空中的游戏是甲流。

WGR – Sports Radio 550 更新内容

Minor update.

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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