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地砖风暴 Tile Storm Lite

地砖风暴 Tile Storm Lite

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地砖风暴 Tile Storm Lite 地砖风暴 Tile Storm Lite 地砖风暴 Tile Storm Lite 地砖风暴 Tile Storm Lite 地砖风暴 Tile Storm Lite 地砖风暴 Tile Storm Lite 地砖风暴 Tile Storm Lite 地砖风暴 Tile Storm Lite

地砖风暴 Tile Storm Lite 描述

TileStorm is here for Android so you can find out for yourself why this game was a hit on iPhone and has been compared to Angry Birds for it's huge amount addictive and challenging gameplay.
** Please note not all pieces can be moved, or may be constrained by other pieces. That is part of the puzzle and is by design. Look for the visual cues to indicate whether a given piece is movable or it will only move along with other pieces. **
This Lite version gives you the chance to get a feel for the 100 unique puzzles and 10's of hours of gameplay that await you in the full version to tax your mental agility and lateral thinking. More fun than brain training with guaranteed satisfaction as you travel across four environments beautifully detailed in full 3D.
The aim of TileStorm is to solve a series of puzzles enabling 'Eggbot' the robot to make his way through each respective level to the exit. The first puzzles are very similar in appearance and strategy to traditional sliding puzzle games, but later in TileStorm players will encounter tiles with completely different properties, maps with multiple solutions, and levels requiring the re-use of certain tiles. Not all tiles can be moved and some can only be moved in certain directions - look for the visual clues to help you solve the puzzle. As you play through TileStorm you will find that TileStorm is much more than just a sliding tile game and strategies required in many other games will be needed to complete this game. TileStorm is guaranteed to present a challenge to anyone that plays it and it will require real skill and mental dexterity to complete.
Please email us with questions or feedback.
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Small Print: VAT added within EU. May require license from Google & collect anonymous stats. If u get error "Unknown reason -18", please email or google for solution. Dev tested devices from HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson incl Xperia Play, Droid, Galaxy & Desire Z.
*请注意:并非所有的棋子可以移动,也可以由其他部分的约束。这是谜题的一部分,是由设计。寻找视觉提示,以指示给定的片断是否是可移动的,或者它会随着其他部分只移动。 **
TileStorm的目的是要解决一系列的难题使“Eggbot”机器人通过每个级别相应的退出,使他的方式。第一个难题是在外观和策略,以传统的滑动益智游戏非常相似,但后来在TileStorm玩家会遇到瓷砖具有完全不同的属性,对应有多个解决方案,并要求重新使用某些砖的水平。不是所有的瓷砖可以移动,有的只能在特定方向移动 - 寻找视觉线索,以帮助您解决这一难题。当你通过TileStorm玩你会发现TileStorm不仅仅是一个滑动瓦游戏和许多其他游戏所需的策略更将需要完成这个游戏。 TileStorm保证提出了挑战任何人都可以播放它,它需要真正的技巧和心理灵巧来完成。
*在TileStorm爱尔兰对时钟路径建设的高度上瘾的谜题都是伟大的大脑训练,你通过挑战丛林引导Eggbot。口袋里的金币在TileStorm爱尔兰,因为你需要滑动图块来指导我们的机器人英雄从塔尖到城堡在另一个美丽的谜爱尔兰的冒险。或包在一个超级新瓷砖风暴的故事宝石或两个TileStorm极。 [大规模强子]
*通过在城市与枪电筒作为你唯一的防御(防御)针对灾后XHD愤怒的僵尸囤积一晚争取生存和战斗。攻击或运行?你的选择。 [两个头]
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*是一个很酷的滑雪板忍者和粉碎积雪花花公子的球场纪录。没有坦克你跳! [Lycette兄弟]
*复古光芒等待着你INSPIRIT - 凯特空间与您联系

地砖风暴 Tile Storm Lite 更新内容

* Support for Honeycomb and Tablets

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休闲益智 益智
Android 2.3.2 以上

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