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Deceptively simple looking strate

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Sim Sim Sim Sim Sim

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Deceptively simple looking strategy game. Play and see complex patterns emerge. A geometric dazzler! This addictive game is a puzzle in motion. It has simple rules but with a profound variety of outcomes that can require deep analysis. There are 6 points placed at each corner of a regular hexagon. Your goal is to draw a colored line between the points but without forming a triangle of your own color. The smaller triangles that appear from the overlapping lines are irrelevant - it's only the big triangles that form from point to point that you have to be wary of. Both players alternate moves until a single colored triangle is formed. In the single player mode you play against the computer. You can change the level of difficulty so you can select from pure random to expert! As this game incorporates graph theory mathematics and thus can get quite complex. All told, there are 1307674368000 possible combinations of the 15 lines you have to draw on; but quick observation will realise that this game is highly symmetrical so the tactics that you develop can be reused and honed as you vie for your wins! The game keeps track of your wins and losses. There are also several modifiable settings to make the game play interesting and the slick interface has you wanting to keep playing until you have beaten the computer at its own game. Sim is the perfect go-to game to kill those 5 minutes that we always seem to spend waiting for something. Sim was invented by Doctor Gustavus Simmons, now a retired mathematician, a lifetime Fellow of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications and he specializes in cryptography. The game Sim has been subject to analysis by mathematicians due to its simple rules and yet complex developments.

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Android 1.5.0 以上
Jonathan Barton



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