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OrbTap 截图

OrbTap OrbTap OrbTap OrbTap

OrbTap 描述

***OrbTap was made from start to finish in just 6 hours!!***

5/5 Stars - http://filedir.com

***Game Info***

Tap. Avoid. Repeat!

Tap as many orbs in the time limit as possible in this simple but HIGHLY addictive game.

Compete between friends and put your reflexes to the ultimate test!

Game Features:
*Beautiful HD graphics
*Easy listening soundtrack
*Stats tracking

Go ahead and get tapping!!!

OrbTap was made from start to finish in just 6 hours!! Here is how and why we did it! :

Douglas James, Director of Jaxel Studios took on a serious challenge after a bet with a friend of the family. He stated to a 17 year old student that he could teach him how to make,code and publish an app – all in one day.

“At first, I didn’t believe him at all” said George, 17 from Norwich, UK. “Using an amazing tool called gamesalad (www.gamesalad.com), we literally started building the app after the first hour. I was truly amazed at how easy and fun it was . My friends and teachers couldn’t believe what we accomplished in such as short time!”

“It was a great teaching experience for me.” explains Doug. “To watch his face light up as his app started to take shape was simply amazing. Of course we had a few problems along the way, but that’s the fun of making apps. With a little patience and persistence, anything is possible”

“I want to encourage others to be creative” adds Doug , “So here is exactly how we did it:

Hour 1
Concept & Design
Hour 2
Scene creation and programming
Hour 3
Artwork in photoshop
Hour 4
Tweaking gameplay
Hour 5
Music and sound effects
Hour 6
Bug testing, tweaking and publishing

"I hope people support our app and support our success story."

OrbTap 更新内容


app size reduced

minor bug fixes

OrbTap 历史版本

OrbTap 使用技巧

OrbTap 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上
Jaxel Studios



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