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Winter Live Wallpaper HD下载

Winter Live Wallpaper HD

Winter Live Wallpaper HD

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Winter Live Wallpaper HD Winter Live Wallpaper HD Winter Live Wallpaper HD Winter Live Wallpaper HD Winter Live Wallpaper HD Winter Live Wallpaper HD

Winter Live Wallpaper HD 描述

Winter Live Wallpaper with beautiful snowflakes and unique FREEZING effect. Celebrate Christmas, New Year and winter season holidays with this beautiful FROSTY snowfall winter live wallpaper. Enjoy the gently falling snow over the background of your choice, and watch the FREEZING OF YOUR SCREEN. This is the first live wallpaper to have this unique window freezing effect! Swipe or touch the screen to clear the frost, draw shapes and see the wallpaper and snowfall behind it. It is like looking through the frozen window at the beautiful landscapes from the comfort of your warm home. :-) Now, you can have this feeling right in your pocket and at your fingertips with you all the time! :-) =================================================================== In this FREE version: ★ Enjoy the snowfall with beautiful snowflakes ★ Choose 3 different HD backgrounds from winter, Christmas and New Year categories ★ Set automatic or manual changing of the wallpaper ★ Enable/disable freezing and select freezing interval =================================================================== FULL version is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE: ☆ Wallpaper settings: - Choose from 60+ included HD wallpapers sorted in 3 categories (Christmas, winter and New Year) - Set automatic changing of wallpaper at desired intervals - Select a category from which the wallpaper will be loaded or from random category ☆ FREEZING WINDOW EFFECT: - Enable or disable freezing of the window - Select a freezing interval, freezing strength and size of area to defrost with your touch (you can use this to draw shapes over the window like you do it at your home) :-) ☆ Snow settings: Snow density, snowfall and wind speed, flake size ☆ Tree settings: Show or hide additional tree/s (up to 5), three different tree types or random picking, tree size and position/s =================================================================== TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers =================================================================== If you like the application, PLEASE RATE IT :-)

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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