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Juice for Roku DEMO

Juice for Roku DEMO

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Juice for Roku DEMO Juice for Roku DEMO Juice for Roku DEMO Juice for Roku DEMO Juice for Roku DEMO Juice for Roku DEMO

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Stream media from your Android device or internet directly to your Roku player! This is the DEMO version of Juice for Roku. It has all the features of the paid version, but only lets you send the first song or photo in the list to your Roku. It is strongly recommended that you try the DEMO version first to make sure everything works before buying the paid version. If you have problems connecting, read info in the Help menu or send an email to gregg.reno@jigawattlabs.com Note: For the app to work, you must install the Juice channel on your Roku by going here: https://owner.roku.com/add/juice Juice for Roku lets you to stream media directly from your Android device to your Roku player: No need for a separate server! Does NOT support YouTube and flash based videos, and does not support Google Music (yet). - Send photos, music, videos from your Android device- Send media from the internet to the Roku using the Share functionality or audio and video podcasts (feeds)- Send individual photos or send a complete slide show- Send individual songs or whole albums to the Roku. Songs can be shuffled.- Background Juice service will continue to serve files to the Roku while you use other Android apps- Use the “Share” menu from the gallery, browser and other supported apps to send media to the Roku without having to launch the Juice app- No need for a home media server- No need for cables- No need to upload your files to a web server- Fully functional remote control included with the same functionality as the Roku Remote app (sold separately) One of the best things about this app is it's ability to work with other apps. For example, long press a link to a photo, song or video in the browser and share it to the Juice app to start it playing on the Roku. Or long press an episode in your Podcast app and share it to Juice to hear it through your Roku connected system. With the share feature, you can stream almost anything on the internet to the Roku, in addition to streaming what is already on your Android device. Requirements:- You must add the Juice channel to your Roku (https://owner.roku.com/add/juice)- Android device and Roku player must be on the same network- Plugging your Android device into your computer may prevent the app from accessing the SD card. In general, don't have plug your Android device into the computer when using the app. Charging is OK.- Not all video formats are supported by the Roku. See the supported formats here: http://support.roku.com/entries/423946-what-media-file-types-does-the-roku-usb-media-player-channel-support- Some MP4s created on Android devices may not work since Roku doesn't support all codecs. It depends on the Android device. It seems to work fine with videos taken with the Galaxy Nexus. Troubleshooting:- If you notice lag or unresponsiveness, power off your android device and/or the Roku and try again. This resolves nearly all connectivity issues. You should only have to do this infrequently.- Visit http://www.jigawattlabs.com/juicehelp

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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