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Wordplay Wordplay Wordplay Wordplay Wordplay Wordplay

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Wordplay is a grid word search puzzle / word finding game for all ages. In addition to its solid default gameplay, it can be configured very well to suit every user!
The basic idea of the game is to find words in a grid, and indicate them using your phone's touchscreen. The many options, most of which change gameplay drastically, make it a game that will never get old!
Listed below are some of its many features (but you'll have to try the game to really see the wide variety of fun gameplay it can offer!):
* English (American and British) and Dutch dictionaries included by default, as well as SOWPODS and TWL 2006.
* Game rules can be changed whenever you want:
There is endless gameplay variation. By default the game is set up so that consecutive letters in a word must come from adjacent dice blocks, like Boggle.
If you play in this mode, you can choose to enable or disable or even strictly require diagonal moves or bends in a word to keep the gameplay fresh.
If you play without the adjacency restriction, it's a whole other game all-together! In that case, you can jumble together words using all the blocks in any way.
You decide what is most fun to you!
* Minimum/maximum word count: Generated games will contain an amount of words within a specified range. Only want games with lots of words in them? No problem, specify a high minimum word count! Want a totally different challenge? Specify minimum word length 9, maximum word count 1 and try to find the only 9-letter word in a 7 by 7 grid. (Good luck!)
* Ability to block certain words and add additional words (on a per-dictionary basis). You don't think "biwinning" is a real English word? Block it!
* Customizable grid layout: you vary the width and height or the playing grid, play on non-square grids if you like, for some variation on the old 4x4 gameplay. You can even disable individual blocks if you want even more variation!
* Word definition lookup: Simply press on a word twice in the list after a game to look it up online! This makes the game educational as well as fun
* 8 nice default color schemes, plus the ability to choose a custom color for your game blocks
* Scoring system, using points per minute and percentage of maximum score metrics. Think you're better than your friends? Now you can (dis)prove it! High scores can be kept per metric per dictionary. Note that letter frequency determines how much points a letter is worth!
* Two different input methods: by default you drag your finger along the screen to form words and releasing when your word is done. If you prefer, you may choose the alternate input method, which using tapping on letter blocks and a separate word submission button.
* Hot blocks:
This feature adds a lot of fun (and stress!) to the game. It works as follows: if hot blocks are enabled, the game randomly picks a block in your grid, and designates it "the hot block". It will be darkened on your screen, so you will be able to tell easily, which block it is. Now, if you form a word while using this letter block, while it is hot, this word will be worth more points. You can specify the duration a block will be hot (when it cools down, another hot block will immediately take its place), and also the score multiplier (ranging from 2x score to 5x!).
* Local 2-player challenges
* Game saving: you can save your games at any point and then resume them later. The game also contains an autosave feature that activates whenever you navigate away from the app. In case your phone battery runs out, for example, you'll still be able to continue!
* Tons of look and feel options, you can basically customize ANYTHING about this game
This free game's development is supported by ads.
If you liked word games like Word Hero, Ruzzle / Rumble, WordUp / WordzUp, Tile Takedown, Boggle, Wixel, Word Game, Syrious Scramble, etc. you won't be disappointed with this game! Have fun.
Please consider reviewing/rating Wordplay on the market, if you enjoy it!
*最小/最大字数:生成的游戏将包含一个指定范围内的单词量。只希望游戏有很多他们的话吗?没问题,指定一个较高的最低字数!想要一个完全不同的挑战?指定最小字长度为9,最大字计数1,并试图找到的只有9个字母的单词,在7 7格。 (祝你好运!)
* 8漂亮的默认配色方案,加上能够选择你的游戏的自定义颜色块
如果你喜欢文字游戏,如Word英雄,Ruzzle /轰隆隆的WordUp / WordzUp的,瓷砖放倒,惊奇,Wixel,文字游戏,争夺Syrious,等你将不会被失望这个游戏!有乐趣。

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