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SMS Text Auto Responder

SMS Text Auto Responder

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SMS Text Auto Responder SMS Text Auto Responder SMS Text Auto Responder SMS Text Auto Responder SMS Text Auto Responder SMS Text Auto Responder

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SMS Text Auto Responder FREE by JMaRStudios SMS Text Auto Responder FREE (txtAutoResponder) is an SMS away message application for your Android mobile device. - Localization languages Czech, French and Spanish (with more to come)- Widget (Free version has limited functionality)- Block auto response to facebook- Multiple custom responses- Delay(5 minutes) when responding to the same recipient multiple times- Create up to three contact profiles where you can customize whether or not an auto response is sent to that particular contact- Create up to three custom contact auto responses- Start SMS Text Auto Responder after reboot- and much much more... ****** Notes ******Explanation of Permissions Used:RECEIVE_SMS, READ_SMS, WRITE_SMS, SEND_SMSAll are needed to handle SMS messages as well as granting the ability to write to the stock SMS application INTERNETVersion check to connect to the jmarstudios.com server and receive a response containing version numberUsed with ACRA ONLY when devices crashes (Error reporting library) http://code.google.com/p/acra/ Also used for AdMob ACCESS_NETWORK_STATEUsed with AdMob RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETEDUsed to start auto responder upon boot complete READ_CONTACTS, WRITE_CONTACTSSMS Text Auto Responder accesses your contacts to create contact profiles READ_PHONE_STATESMS Text Auto Responder utilizes this permission to receive a missed call broadcast by the system.THIS PERMISSION AND THE INFORMATION THAT IS ASSOCIATED WITH IT IS NOT USED FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT IS DESCRIBED ABOVE! ******************* Please consider helping the cause by downloading the PAID Version of SMS Text Auto Responder! https://market.android.com/details?id=com.jmarstudios.txtautoresponder.donate After setting your custom response (or using the default response) and starting the auto reply feature, you are free to do whatever your situation requires. From there SMS Text Auto Responder FREE will silently run in the background and automatically reply to any incoming SMS messages with YOUR custom response. No more worrying about replying to text messages while driving, in school, at a movie, eating with the family, asleep, ANY time you might be busy and unable to reply to someone sending you a text message... Simply start the auto response and SMS Text Auto Responder takes care of the rest for you! The best part of all... IT'S FREE!!! FREE VERSION: -Save UNLIMITED customized responses -Will not respond to a number that has sent a message within the previous five minutes -Notification icon and message in the status bar so you are always aware when the app is ACTIVE -Will ignore numbers shorter than 7 digits -Automatically start auto responder after device reboot -Show outgoing response in stock SMS application -NO Time Limits! Please note:I have attempted to test SMS Text Auto Responder FREE on as many devices as I possibly could. Unfortunately, I do not have access to all the Android devices out there. If you have ANY issues please contact me and I will do my best to address your issue as quickly as I possibly can. Important!SMS Text Auto Responder sends an SMS automatically to an incoming SMS message. Message and data rates may apply to each SMS messages sent or received as provided in your wireless service rate plan. Please contact your wireless carrier for further pricing details.

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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