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StudyMaster old version

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StudyMaster old version StudyMaster old version StudyMaster old version StudyMaster old version

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This app is an old version of StudyMaster
StudyMaster is the App that helps you to study thoroughly by doing efficient review. Organize the contents in the process of making workbook, further you are able to make it perfect in your mind when you have the test by yourself. Workbooks already posted on the server by others are like a present. In the end, we all know that study always can be done by ourselves :)
It is recommended that creating a workbook be done by Tab format, New line or QA on www.studymaster.co. And if you store the original txt file, you can easily fix the workbook whenever you want.
StudyMaster is using Weighted Random Algorithm for question extraction in ‘Solving Questions’. With this algorithm, which lower the frequency of questions that users solve easily and concentrate on questions that users feel difficulty, we can be able to maximize the efficiency of learning. We are also able to properly establish unanswered questions with appropriate frequency.
By going over the workbook multiple times with many questions, you can understand and ultimately memorize your workbook thoroughly.
The system named ‘Study Group’ was built to make sharing workbook easy between group members especially on specific subject. There could be examples like [Korean Study Group], [King Elementary School 6th Grade for Social Study] which are very specialized and also useful for the group members.
StudyMaster Project has been started with the idea in which the result was built with people’s effort and dedication. It is greater than another result completed by just one great person. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the people who complete and share their own workbooks.
App Features
1. World’s First study workbook App with image
2. Skins (Light & Black)
3. Games ? Pairing, Golf

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This app is an old version of StudyMaster

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摄影图像 美化
 1.3 update 60
Android 2.1.0 以上

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