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Quiz Party Lite

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Quiz Party Lite Quiz Party Lite Quiz Party Lite Quiz Party Lite Quiz Party Lite Quiz Party Lite

Quiz Party Lite 描述

Quiz Party is based on seven mini-games that will beat your brains out. Alone or with your friends (1-4 players on the same device) test your knowledge and your reactivity through captivating challenges: sketch and guess, trivia, blind test, mysterious image, labyrinth, true/false and pass the bomb will reveal which one of you is the ALL AROUND GENIUS !
This is the lite version of the game: general culture questions and challenges are included. For the full game look https://market.android.com/details?id=com.joo.QuizPartyFull&feature
Four themes are already available and others will follow soon to extend the party till late in the night.
Key features:
● 7 different challenges.
● Multiplayer mode: up to 4 players on the same device, perfect on Android tablets.
● Solo mode: try to win the gold medal to unlock more themes.
● Exhibition: you can play each mini-game individually.
Mini-games description:
▶ Sketch n'Guess: draw the thing given and let your friend guess.
▶ Trivia quiz: one question, four possibilities, be the first to answer correctly.
▶ True/False: an affirmation is given, choose if it's correct or not.
▶ Pass the bomb: a countdown is turned on, discover as quickly as possible the good sequence to reduce your chance to explode with the bomb.
▶ Mysterious image: an image appears gradually, be the first to discover what it represents.
▶ Sound session: a sound sample is played, retrieve what it is.
▶ Treasure hunt: find the way in the labyrinth that brings to the treasure.
Quiz Party was tested on a large range of Android devices, but if you encounter any problems, go to settings and turn off Hi-res graphics.
党测验是基于7个迷你游戏,将打你的脑袋。单独或与您的朋友(1-4玩家在同一台设备)测试您的知识和你的反应,并通过诱人的挑战:素描和猜测,琐事,盲样测试,神秘的形象,迷宫,真/假炸弹,就会发现其中一个你是天才ALL AROUND!

Quiz Party Lite 更新内容

- Ads removed
- better support for all kind of screen
- Ice cream sandwich support
- App icon replaced

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Android 1.6 以上
Google Play

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