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Patriotic Ringtones

Patriotic Ringtones

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Patriotic Ringtones Patriotic Ringtones Patriotic Ringtones Patriotic Ringtones Patriotic Ringtones Patriotic Ringtones

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Patriotic Ringtones brings 45 free ringtones and sounds to your Android™ device. Perfect anytime for the proud American or for a 4th of July, Labor Day, or Veteran's Day ringtone. Personalize the default ringtone, the ringtone for a specific contact, the notification (email and text) sound and the alarm sound. Press the American-themed button to preview the loud and clear ringtone or sound. Press and hold (longpress) for features. This easy-to-use application will make you want to personalize your Android phone again and again, depending upon your moods, the seasons, the holidays, etc... Use the icon button at the top of the screen to check out our other ringtone apps to help you personalize your Android device's sounds even more. Best of all, its free! (Banner Ad Supported)
Patriotic Ringtones features:
* 45 loud and clear, American patriotic ringtones or sounds
* 45 American-themed animated buttons
* Press and hold to set default ringtone, the ringtone to a specific contact, the notification sound, or the alarm sound
* Icon button to access the other JRJ Unlimited ringtone applications to personalize your phone even more
* Free
Any and all permissions are either for application performance or advertiser performance. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
爱国铃声带来45免费铃声和声音到您的Andr​​oid™设备。完美随时随地为自豪的美国人或为7月4日,劳动节,或退伍军人节铃声。个性化的默认铃声,铃声设置为一个特定的联系人,通知(电子邮件和文本)声和报警声。按美国为主题的按钮来预览响亮而清晰的铃声或声音。按住(长按)的功能。这种易于使用的应用程序将让你想一次又一次,以及个性化你的Andr​​oid手机,这取决于你的情绪,季节,节假日等..使用的图标按钮,在屏幕的上方,检查我们的其他铃声的应用程序,以帮助你更加个性化你的Andr​​oid设备的声音。最重要的是,它的自由! (横幅广告支持)
* 45响亮而明确的,美国的爱国铃声或声音
* 45美国为主题的动画按钮
任何及所有权限无论是对应用程序的性能或广告表现。 Android是谷歌公司的商标。

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5.9 Minor Update

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Android 2.3.2 以上
JRJ Unlimited

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