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Landmark Manager

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Landmark Manager Landmark Manager Landmark Manager Landmark Manager Landmark Manager Landmark Manager Landmark Manager Landmark Manager Landmark Manager Landmark Manager

Landmark Manager 描述

Facebook Places, Foursquare, or Google. Which one to choose? Choose Landmark Manager and link them all!
Landmark Manager is mashup aggregating places from multiple providers including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google Places, Yelp, Freebase, Wikipedia, Eventful, Webcam.Travel,
Flickr, Picasa, Foursquare Merchant, YouTube, Panoramio, Instagram, Groupon, 8Coupons, Hotels Combined, Expedia, Booking.com, Last.FM, Meetup and Evenful. Automatically check-in at places you are visiting, find daily deals, book hotel, find parking, route or ATM and many more...
Key features:
- Check-in at Facebook Places, Foursquare, Google or GMS World,
- Auto Check-In: check-in automatically to your favourite places,
- Find out where your Facebook or Foursquare friends checked-in or took photo,
- Create custom layers,
- Send updates to Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn,
- Find daily deals from Groupon, 8Coupons and Foursquare Merchant,
- Compare hotel prices and book rooms with Booking.com, Hotels Combined and Expedia,
- See places reviews from Yelp,
- Find ATMs, parkings or routes,
- Find events from Last.FM and Eventful,
- Record and save your route,
- Import places from kml files,
- See photos from Panoramio, Flickr, Instagram and Picasa,
- See Webcams from Webcam.Travel,
- Link with your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google or Foursquare accounts,
- Share selected landmark details via Mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and many more,
- Send geo messages to Blogeo,
- Call selected places,
- Find route from your current position to place you want to visit.
- 入住Facebook的地方,四方,谷歌或GMS世界,
- 自动办理:办理登机手续会自动到你最喜欢的地方,
- 找出你的Facebook或Foursquare的朋友签入或合影,
- 创建自定义层,
- 发送更新到Facebook,Twitter,谷歌和LinkedIn,
- 查找Groupon的,8Coupons和Foursquare商家团购,
- 比较酒店价格和预订的客房,Booking.com,结合酒店和Expedia,
- 看到的地方,从Yelp的评论,
- 找到自动取款机,停车场或路线,
- 查找Last.FM和多事的事件,
- 记录并保存您的路线,
- 从KML文件导入的地方,
- 请参阅从Panoramio的的Flickr,Instagram的和Picasa照片,
- 请参阅从Webcam.Travel摄像头,
- 连接你的Facebook,LinkedIn,Twitter的,谷歌和Foursquare的帐户,
- 通过邮件,短信,Facebook和Twitter分享选择具有里程碑意义的细节和更多的人,
- 发送GEO消息Blogeo,
- 呼叫选定的地方,
- 寻找路线从当前位置来放置您要访问。

Landmark Manager 更新内容

Hotels layer change,
Added Facebook photos sublayer,
Added google maps search,
Dynamically select type of route from landmark details view,
Added start navigation button to landmark details view,
Google Analytics upgrade,
Minor bugs fixed.

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旅游出行 住宿
Android 3.0.0 以上


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