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The ESPNcricinfo Cricket App

The ESPNcricinfo Cricket App

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The ESPNcricinfo Cricket App The ESPNcricinfo Cricket App The ESPNcricinfo Cricket App The ESPNcricinfo Cricket App The ESPNcricinfo Cricket App The ESPNcricinfo Cricket App

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The official ESPNcricinfo cricket app is the only app that you would need to keep yourself updated with the latest scores, breaking-stories, player statistics, records, rankings, exclusive content from the best writers, audio, video and much more – this is just the perfect personal Cricket companion. What more could any sports fan ask for?
We have developed this app keeping fans like you in mind. The full feature list includes:
- Instant scores and updates on all the cricketing action from around the world with ball by ball commentary and full match coverage including news, videos, photos among others.
- Breaking news and analysis across hundreds of leagues and teams.
- Add and remove favorite teams quickly and easily for a customized experience.
- Love reading about cricket? Read from the finest writers in the game in our Features and Blogs.
- Enriched matches section to easily access results and fixtures by month, team, series and type.
- All the alert options you need: never miss another wicket, milestone, game start/end or tidbit of breaking news.
- Watch and listen to the latest ESPNcricinfo video and audio podcasts.
- Engaging content including snippets, stands among others.
- Compare player statistics and view player profile across teams.
- Ability to add content to favourites in the app.
- Adding fixtures to calendar to be reminded of that match you were looking forward to.
- Share content with friends.
Many more interesting features to keep you hooked to the game of cricket. We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. Discover them yourself.
Visit our website http://www.espncricinfo.com and follow us at @ESPNcricinfo on Twitter and like us at http://www.facebook.com/Cricinfo for the latest updates.
Our goal is your satisfaction and we make every effort to offer the best experience. We would also love to hear from you. For thoughts, problems or even praise, write to us at feedback_mobileapps@espn.com or use the feedback section inside the app.
Before you download this app, please consider that it includes advertising, some of which may be targeted to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising within mobile applications by using your mobile device settings (for example, by re-setting your device’s advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest based ads).
官方ESPNcricinfo板球程序是,你需要让自己保持更新最新的成绩,打破-故事,玩家统计数据,纪录,排名,从最优秀的作家,音频,视频及更多独家内容唯一的应用程序 - 这仅仅是完美的个人板球伴侣。可以任何体育迷要求什么呢?
- 即时比分和更新来自世界各地所有的板球行动球被球评和全场比赛的覆盖面,包括新闻,视频,以及其他的照片。
- 最新的新闻和分析在数百联赛和队伍。
- 添加并快速,方便地去除最喜欢的球队的个性化体验。
- 爱阅读蟋蟀?阅读来自最优秀的作家在比赛中我们的特点和博客。
- 富匹配部分可以轻松地访问由一个月,团队,系列和类型的结果及固定装置。
- 所有你需要的警报选项:从不错过检票口,里程碑,游戏开始/结束或突发性新闻的珍闻。
- 观看和收听到最新的ESPNcricinfo的视频和音频播客。
- 引人入胜的内容,包括片段,代表等等。
- 比较球员的统计数据和整个团队查看球员个人资料。
- 能够将内容添加到收藏夹中的应用程序。
- 添加灯具日历提醒你期待的那场比赛的。
- 共享内容与朋友。

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