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The Official Justdial Application for your Android smart phone is simple, interactive and intuitive so you can search for businesses, products or services in your area with ease. Now use India's No.1 Local search engine right from your Android device.
Find out which movies or events are happening around you, the best restaurants and lounges in your city, the latest art shows, or find ATMs, Hotels, Doctors and much more from our list of popular search categories. The official Just dial android app gives you all flexibility to sort the results based on your preference.
Get quick access to results with just a tap on Justdial Hotkeys and enhance your search experience further by adding more hot keys based on your favorites and preferences.Use the “Near Me” feature that allows you to search for any business, product or service near you.
The Justdial App uses the in built GPS functionality of your smart phone to detect your current location and provides Mapping and Navigation features and thereby leveraging the built in Google Maps application. The App allows you to choose a city of your choice for your desired searches anywhere in India or the USA.
Add listings to your address book directly, schedule events, send listings via SMS/Email free of charge and refer the application to your friends. You can even Just Dial these businesses with a tap on the phone icon.
If you are a businessman on the go, this App is just the thing for you. You can use this app to add your listing into the Justdial database, free of charge and thus make your services/products available to thousands of potential buyers through Justdial.
For more information about Justdial services, you can call our Just Dial live operators anytime directly from the app. With this Android app, the entire Justdial local search functionality is available anytime, anywhere for free and is just a tap away for you.
Feel free to get back to the Justdial team with any feedback , concerns or feature requests you have. Thanks!
Thanks for all the feedback. We are working to include your suggestions as soon as we can!
In the meanwhile, the app now includes an "exit" button. You shouldn't need an updated build for this. Keep the feedback coming!! :-)

Justdial 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:- New, sharper icons
- Now, search in your Area directly from Results, OR, Now, filter your results by Location without going back to Home Page.
- Many more smaller changes which may not be visible, but will make a world of difference to your JustDial App experience.

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Android 1.6 以上



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