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  • Vincent2011年9月20日

    Very great app running on android mobile but something I have to share if it runs on android tablet (honeycomb), please find below :- 1) Got failed if it try to cache photos in small or large preview, and it also pop-up a message "JustPictures! encountered an unknown error, please retry or contact the developer". 2) Some times got back screen if perform zoom in/out of photo. Thank you.

  • 快樂趴趴獅2011年8月7日

    Very good software, but Motorola Atrix cannot access the real sdcard(in the /mnt/sdcard-ext/). The setting in the config page is not work.

  • Chien Tsu Han2011年6月13日


  • 絕夢2011年6月11日

    Why I take some picture but the thumbs are still old, I can't fix using any reload way. Only clean cache is ok, but I use some online service ==

  • yuen2011年5月24日

    so annoying that the app(background) will not run automatically after i restart the phone= =.

  • zack2011年5月24日


  • nacs2011年5月20日


  • Kuan-Lin2011年5月2日

    I wish to rate 5 stars but it can't show subfolder (within a folder has img) You did great job but missing most basic function. Nearly useless for me.