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HP DBCA ROI Calculator

HP DBCA ROI Calculator

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HP DBCA ROI Calculator HP DBCA ROI Calculator HP DBCA ROI Calculator HP DBCA ROI Calculator HP DBCA ROI Calculator HP DBCA ROI Calculator HP DBCA ROI Calculator

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To increase your company’s agility and speed innovation, you need to rapidly deploy and harness the power of next-generation applications while efficiently managing the exponential growth of business data. Too often, the unplanned storage of massive amounts of data leads to uncontrolled deployment of thousands of single database servers across your network.These sprawling, siloed server deployments are costly and inefficient as sharing resources and storage is difficult—every time a single database instance begins to run out of space, additional provisioning is required. There are huge overheads involved in getting a new database server up and running and migrating to it. Further, the successful installation and deployment of single database servers can take months to complete, consume more power and physical space, and require more IT resources for their maintenance.The HP Enterprise Database Consolidation Appliance dramatically simplifies the deployment and management of a virtualized infrastructure and is designed specifically for SQL Server databases. The appliance makes it possible to consolidate hundreds of transactional databases into a single, virtual environment, where new SQL Server instances can be provisioned in minutes and migrations can be accomplished with near-zero downtime. This results in an easier to manage, more cost-efficient solution that delivers the agility your business requires.This return on investment calculator (ROI) app was developed by HP and Microsoft was to help show you the overall cost benefits of database consolidation as well as the time and resource savings gained by deploying the appliance. By answering a few simple questions like “How many SQL Servers do you currently have” and “How much do you pay for Power,” and based on your input using a few basic assumptions the ROI Calculator will provide you with a total annual cost savings for consolidating your environment.

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