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Car Dock with swipe control

Car Dock with swipe control

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Car Dock with swipe control Car Dock with swipe control Car Dock with swipe control Car Dock with swipe control

Car Dock with swipe control 描述

The default android car dock is great, but I find that looking at the buttons to press them takes time when I should be watching the road. This dock allows you to swipe in the direction of the buttons to select functions, keeping your eyes on the road!
My goal creating this app was to develop a simple, power-conscious car dock with the ability to recognize intuitive swipe input and provide features similar to the default android car dock.
This app was only thoroughly tested on the Motorola Droid2 with Motorola car dock.
*You can press the buttons or slide from any empty (non-button) part of the screen toward the button to select
*Two custom assignable buttons (one on the home screen and one on the music control)
*Voice search for music
*Quick access to basic phone functions
*Automatically launches when placed in car dock and exits when removed
Fine Location: This app uses GPS to determine heading and speed. You can disable this feature in the settings or disable the GPS location source if you don't want the GPS used.
Bluetooth: Allows the app to request to turn on Bluetooth if selected in settings. The app will always ask your permission to turn on Bluetooth.
===Potential Problems===
*The media buttons act as though your phone has hardware play, next, etc buttons, allowing you to use your own media players. More than one media app may try to respond to these buttons. Current workaround: try to use media app settings to control response to hardware media buttons or uninstall apps.
*When the GPS is disabled, the app will try to align the compass heading using the magnetic compass. This sensor may indicate the wrong direction if not calibrated in the phone location settings. Some car docks have magnetic sensors in them, so the phone may need to be calibrated while connected to the dock. It can also be confused by metal and electromagnetic fields in the car.
This app is a tool and features included to not imply they should be used while driving in conditions that would cause distraction. Always drive safely, obey local traffic laws, and use common sense when operating a vehicle.

Car Dock with swipe control 更新内容

version 1.5
Fixed compatibility with new Google Maps
Opens more music players from Music Screen
Designed to work with newer versions of Android
version 1.4:
Based on user feedback, I've expanded the display options. You can now select between:
Compass & Heading
Compass & Digital Clock
Compass Alone
Digital Clock
Analog Clock
version 1.3:
Option to keep screen on when car dock is open.
Minor interface optimizations.

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Android 4.0.3 以上

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