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After the Tsunami After the Tsunami After the Tsunami After the Tsunami After the Tsunami

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- - - -
As scheduled, with the photo uploads of March 2012, we have finished the service provision of this application.
Thank you very much for downloading.
It is our pleasure to report that we were able to make a donation to Japan Red Cross thanks to your cooperation.
The final amount of donation was 22,470 yen. (The entire amount after deducting the handling fees of Google Market from the total sales.)
We have donated this entire amount to Japan Red Cross.
This application remains in Google play as a free application.
- - - -
From Shiogama City, Miyagi Prefecture.
The disaster-stricken area today, to your phone.
(This application requires to load SD card.)
'After the Tsunami' was created not to let the memory of it fade away.
To hold on to the feeling that even You alone can support many people from the destroyed areas.
We send you pictures of reconstruction from every corner of destroyed by the Tsunami Shiogama in Miyagi prefecture.
It was produced in the spirit of support to the area being now reborn, to let one more chance to stop and think about that, no to let anyone forget.
Application work together with build-in Android compass, when you turn it to face destroyed region photos of Shiogawa will be shown.
Every photo is shown along with a specific time. We Bring to You Shiogawa now being reborn.
Photos are planned to be change once a month
Photos are brought to You in cooperation with a local photographer from Shiogawa - Oe Reiji.
Excluding sales commissions, all of the income is to be donated to Japanese Red Cross.
[Usage method]
1. Start the application and turn your phone so it would face the destroyed region.
2. You can switch between photos of various places by scrolling the screen right or left.
3. If you want to see past photos you can just scroll the screen up, that way you can make a comparison.
4. Above that, you can also confirm where the photos where taken.
※Project will be supported up until March 2012.
[operation capability confirmed]
Necus One, Necus S, MEDIAS WP06, SHARP IS05,

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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