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PoopLog is a free application that allows you to track your bowel movements using the Bristol Stool Scale on your Android powered device. Once you record the type of bowel movement, volume, and time, PoopLog allows you to attach a note, attach a photo, and even allows you to share any part of your entry with other installed applications (such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, SMS, Email, etc..). PoopLog also features an extensive reporting option which will allow you to export your PoopLog to a text file for easy analysis by a health practitioner.
*NEW*: PoopLog now has the ability to log a pain/discomfort level from 0-10. This option is disabled by default, but can be enabled via Settings > Defaults.
!! UPDATE ALERT !! I am working on and will soon be releasing a large update that will include more logging options, charting, and trends!
Stay tuned to @kefsco, or kefsco.com for any news!
Frequently Asked Questions
Why develop PoopLog? Is it a joke application? I was out of work, and on disability for 7+ months due to severe bowel problems.. I'm a geek, so I started tracking everything, even my bowel movements. I figured others might want to do the same, so I gave birth to PoopLog. While it can be fun to track and tweet, PoopLog was originally developed to assist with tracking bowel movements for easy analysis by a health practitioner.
I can really attach a photo to my PoopLog? Why? This wasn't an original feature of PoopLog, and won't become available until PoopLog2 is released. For some reason, this is the most requested feature from my users so I had no choice but to include this great feature! When you take your first photo, you will be asked if you would like your PoopLog photos hidden from the Android gallery. This option is configurable through the PoopLog application settings.
Why does PoopLog require install permissions? The only permissions required are to read/write to the external storage device (ie: microsd), and to access the camera. This is required exclusively to import/export generated reports and read/write PoopLog photos. PoopLog doesn't connect to the internet, doesn't obtain your device's identity or contacts, and doesn't transmit any information out from your device to anyone, ever, unless you select the share option for a PoopLog entry.
Why can't I share my PoopLog directly to the Facebook for Android application? The Facebook for Android application contains a flaw where it believes you are attempting to share a link, rather than share text. This issue appears to affect every Android developer, including myself. For now, you can workaround this issue by using the 'Copy to Clipboard' button. Once you do this, you can manually open your Facebook application and paste the text from your clipboard with a long-press on any text-field. Hopefully the Facebook for Android developers will fix this soon.
Why does it take so long to open an attached PoopLog photo? I've heard reports of attached PoopLog images taking upwards of 30+ seconds to open. I am not sure what is causing the latency, but will look into it and resolve it in an upcoming version.
What features can be expected in future versions of PoopLog? I am playing with the ability to geotag entries, allowing users to view a map/trail of their PoopLog. Also, I am working on implementing some sort of label/tagging system in order to sort entries into multiple custom categories (ie: smell, contents..). You can follow developments on Twitter via @kefsco, and if you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, or any feedback at all, email feedback@kefsco.com.
Is PoopLog open-source? Currently, no. If I ever get around to cleaning up my code, my goal is to release it for anyone to use.
Will PoopLog ever be an iPhone/iPad/iOS app? No.
I hope that you find PoopLog useful and fun, as silly as it may be.
PoopLog是一个免费的应用程序,允许您跟踪您的排便搭载Android设备的的布里斯托尔凳子规模上。一旦你排便,体积和时间的记录类型,PoopLog允许您将一张纸条,附上照片,甚至可以让你分享您输入的任何部分与其他已安装的应用程序(如Facebook,Twitter的,更棒,短信,电子邮件等)。 PoopLog还设有一个大型的报告选项,这将使您导出PoopLog,到一个文本文件,便于分析的保健医生。
* NEW *:PoopLog现在有能力为记录疼痛/不适从0-10。此选项在默认情况下是禁用的,但可以通过“设置”>“默认值启用。
敬请关注@ kefsco,或kefsco.com的任何消息!
为什么要制定PoopLog?它是一个笑话的应用程序吗?我在外面工作,并于7 +个月,由于严重的排便困难的残疾..我是一个怪胎,所以我就开始跟踪的一切,甚至我的排便。我想其他人可能希望做同样的,所以我生下PoopLog。虽然它可以是有趣的跟踪和鸣叫,PoopLog最初是由保健医生协助进行简单的分析与跟踪排便。
为什么我不能分享我的PoopLog直接到Facebook的Andr​​oid应用程序? Facebook的Andr​​oid应用程序包含一个缺陷,它认为你正试图分享一个链接,而不是共享文本。出现这种问题影响到每一个Android开发者,包括我自己。现在,你可以使用“复制到剪贴板”按钮来解决这个问题。一旦你这样做,你可以手动打开您的Facebook应用程序,并从剪贴板粘贴文本,一个长按任何文本字段。希望Facebook的Andr​​oid开发人员将尽快解决这个问题。
为什么花了这么长开一个附加的PoopLog照片吗?我听说过30 +秒的向上打开的的附加PoopLog图像的报告。我不知道是什么原因造成的延迟,但会研究它,解决它在即将到来的版本。
可以预计,在未来的版本中PoopLog有什么特点?我玩的能力,地理标记条目,允许用户在一个地图/跟踪其PoopLog的查看。此外,我的工作实施某种标签/标记系统的顺序来排序进入多个自定义类别(例如:异味,内容..)。您可以在Twitter上关注事态的发展,通过@ kefsco,如果您有任何建议,意见,想法,或任何反馈,电子邮件feedback@kefsco.com。
将PoopLog永远的iPhone / iPad / iOS应用?号

PoopLog 更新内容

2.02;April 29th, 2011
*add new/settings: added ability to log pain level (0-10)
enable via settings > defaults > hide pain level (default: hidden)
*add new: fixed bug reported by awesome user DaveB where passkey is not checked on view log from add new
*add new: share: added pain level to share text
*view log: added pain level to viewlog list and details
*settings: added/clarified subtext descriptions for all settings menu items
*help: updated help text to include new pain level options

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