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BIG keys and accurate prediction. Type quickly and confidently.
***Try Keypurr Keyboard for as long as you need, risk free!
Just contact refunds@keypurr.com within 30 days for a full refund!***
***Scroll down to FAQ for enabling instructions***
Keypurr uses an innovative layout with BIG keys and accurate text prediction to make onscreen typing with Android devices fast and easy.
- All-in-one compact QWERTY layout allows letters, numbers, and symbols to be accessed in one gesture
- BIG keys: almost twice as big as the average onscreen qwerty layout. Significantly improved accuracy, effortless one-handed typing
- Comprehensive dictionary designed for real-world use. Includes myriad words not recognized by other onscreen keyboard apps: abbreviations, acronyms, and words borrowed from other languages
- 12 user-definable function keys can be programmed to insert often-typed words, email addresses, a date/time stamp, or any other text
- Custom Autext: define specific key sequence to automatically expand into specific words/phrases
- Arrow keys for easy cursor movement
-Shift lock keys: tap one of these then the desired key instead of flicking
-Left Side/Right Side Mode: tap the side of the key where your letter sits instead of flicking
Keypurr is the must have software keyboard for Android devices with small screens!
“It has nice large keys that really do make it a breeze to use.” –AndroidGuys
“The big question is whether Keypurr is faster than Swype and Swiftkey. We believe so.“ -Planet Android
“The prediction works very well, and the larger keyboards do help with accuracy... Keypurr has a feature that I wish all on-screen keyboards provide, programmable function keys.” -ThinkMobile
Q: How do I start using Keypurr Keyboard?
A: Enabling keyboards on Android devices is a two step process:
1. Go into "Settings" select "Language and Keyboard" and check the box next to "Keypurr Keyboard"
2. Long-press any text input field, select "Input method", and then select "Keypurr Keyboard"
Q: How do I access raised letters, symbols, and numbers?
A: Flick: touch the center of the key and slide your finger straight up or down to the center of the nearest neighboring key
Q: How do I insert unrecognized words?
A: Spell the word manually (using flicks where necessary) and tap from far left side of the candidate strip.
Q: How do I use voice input?
A: You must have Voice Search installed. Flick down on the backspace key to call up voice-to-text. Exit voice input using by pressing the phone’s back button
Q: How do I type names?
A: Many names are already in Keypurr's dictionary. To enter unrecognized names or new words, use flicks when necessary to spell out the name. Then add the name to the dictionary and you never have to manually spell it again
Q: How do I add words to the dictionary?
A: In the candidates bar, simply long press on the word you just manually typed
***Keypurr is currently an English only keyboard***

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Android 1.6 以上

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