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KalorieQ is a photo based diet log plus a social web site where other people help keep track of your calories. Use KalorieQ on your smartphone to take a picture of every meal you eat. Each time you take a picture, you have the option to enter a calorie estimate and description of the photo. Then you press the upload button and the picture is stored in your free account at the KalorieQ web site. You can go back later to edit your estimates and descriptions and see your daily caloric intake totals.
Also, you can tag meals that you eat often to save time recording them in the future. The “Encore” screen shows thumbnails of all your tagged meals so you can quickly record eating them again. The “Encore” screen allows you give a proportion to the original meal. This makes KalorieQ the most convenient food log program on the market which will in turn, give you a better chance of success in tracking your diet.
As an added twist, all uploaded photos go into a “Queue” where visitors to www.kalorieq.com can see them, and rate them with a calorie estimate and comment. Your food pictures are shown anonymously. KalorieQ will show you a detailed log of your food including the average estimate from other users. You may then finalize each food item by “Asserting” that your estimate is correct. Or, you can “Accept” the average estimate given by the random visitors to the web site.

KalorieQ 更新内容

One minor bug fix on networking problems. Added "Title" to the Estimate screen. You can now see what description other users gave their food, to help give a better estimate.

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Android 2.2.x 以上



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