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With “remind me” you can send reminders to your inbox with just one click.
*** IMPORTANT: in this first version of "remind me" we only support Gmail accounts. Support for other account types will come in the near future. ***
“remind me” is a simple tool to send yourself an e-mail reminder to your inbox with just one click.
Are all those ToDo, Task Manager and Getting Things Done (GTD) applications too complicated for you and you just want a quick and simple way to send yourself a reminder to your inbox? Then remind me is perfect for your needs. Because it does exactly that. Not more, not less.
“remind me" comes as a lightweight application, bundled with a desktop widget and you can even use it from other applications like the web browser or Google Maps to quickly send yourself a link or a new location to your inbox.
No need to select a date, a time or tags. Just enter your task/reminder, add an optional description and hit the send button. That’s it. That simple. Perfect if you’re on the go and all you want is to get a reminder sent home to your inbox, where you can deal with it later.
IMPORTANT: remind me currently only supports Gmail accounts. If you have any other account type, which you would like to see supported, please shot us a quick e-mail.

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此版本中的新功能:This is the first version of "remind me", with a very basic feature set. Please let us know if you experience any problems or what kind of features you would like to have included in future release of "remind me"
You can contact us via freshkiwijuice@gmail.com

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Android 1.6 以上

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