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Graph It! Graph It! Graph It! Graph It! Graph It! Graph It!

Graph It! 描述

Graph It! provides the user with a smooth and fast function graphing environment that utilizes the phone's processor for fast calculations.

Now compatible with Android 1.6! (Android 2.0+ required for multi-touch support)

Graph unlimited functions.
Customize display with nearly unlimited colors.
Exponentially-scaling zoom.
Touch- or button-controlled panning.
Essential graphing calculator functions: tracing, dy/dx, roots, extrema (max/mins) and intersections, all controlled by multi-touch! (See video for
Populate a scrolling table for exact x-values and their matching y-values.
Shows multiple points of interest at once (unlike a normal graphing calculator's one point at a time).
Persistent graphs stored in database (functions stay after exit).
Requires no suspicious permissions, internet solely used for non-invasive ads.
Fully tested on Droid X.

Supported operations:
+, -, /, *
natural log (written as log)
exponents (^)
sin, cos, tan and their inverses
absolute value
constants: e^x (exp(x)), pi

1) Click "Functions" button to edit functions you want to graph.
2) Choose a color by clicking the white square.
3) Click tools button to run graphing calculations.
4) Touch the screen with two fingers to begin a calculation between them.
5) When done with a calculation, click tools button again.

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JNhv91VYjQ&feature=player_embedded

Use a light color for easy readability of calculated values.
Refer to "Syntax" in the tools menu for equation entrance guidelines.

Expr lexer and parser used with permission:
Copyright 2002 by Darius Bacon <darius@wry.me>.
Uses Android Color Picker library under Apache License 2.0.

Please email any suggestions to king.appsUS@gmail.com.
Note: Please thoroughly describe any issues you have in your email or comment, including phone model and OS version. Thank you!

Graph It! 更新内容


Now prevents download from version 1.5- users. (Some users experienced crashes because they were using an unsupported OS version.)

Centralized up and down buttons.

Fixed panning increment on left and right buttons.

Graph It! 历史版本

Graph It! 使用技巧

Graph It! 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上
King Apps

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