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PLC Guide is a constantly updated programming guide for Programmable Logic Controllers. Its task is to demonstrate the basic concepts of PLC Programming and give users a starting point. We intend to include various simulative examples in order to better show off how PLCs work. ***** 50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME! ***** Like us on Facebook to get latest news from us: http://facebook.com/kmseng You may also check our website:http://kms-e.com Chapters will be added via the Update System of Google Play. Please stay tuned, we will be releasing chapters as soon as they ready. Please note that this guide doesn't pretend to be full. Simulative examples - these examples will be available for certain chapters from the guide. They aim to allow the user to play with the shown example and test it themselves. Simulations will be similar to real PLC monitoring systems. Please be patient, we are doing our best to release new chapters. Navigation - menu navigation is available where it's necessary. If you are looking for a given option, you may try clicking your phone's MENU key and see if it is there. Ads - they keep us supported and motivated to work on this guide. If you find an ads useful, you may check it out and thus support us. If they distract your attention, you may remove them by purchasing PLC Guide PRO. About us - You can find About Us info at the About Us page inside the application. It's accessible from Menu -> About. You can always check the up-to-date text in the chapter "How PLC Guide works".

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