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Meme Collection (Rage Faces)下载

Meme Collection (Rage Faces)

Meme Collection (Rage Faces)

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Meme Collection (Rage Faces) 截图

Meme Collection (Rage Faces) Meme Collection (Rage Faces) Meme Collection (Rage Faces)

Meme Collection (Rage Faces) 描述

Meme Collection, the best Rage Faces offline collection app for your Android!

Meme Collection, the biggest OFFLINE MEME/RAGE FACES COLLECTION for Android, returns with a full Re-make with a 250+ memes collection, new optimized GUI design for small/low phones and high end devices, new faces sorted method (By list),and more!

Forget looking for the face to be looking every time you need it ....
Keep them all in your phone downloading "MEME COLLECTION" for free now!!

Choose from a big selection of memes and share it with friends!

This app isn't a mee comic reader, it contains the biggest memes/rage faces collection through Play Store.

HELP US to maintain the gallery updated by sending us the latest memes via mail to add into Meme Collection.

You can choose from a lot of diferents memes like,Trollface, Trolldad, Fat Freak, Rage Guy, LOL, Cereal Guy, Feel like a.., and more !!!

**** App Features:

→Choose from a collection of 250+ diferents meme/rage faces.
→Don't forget any meme thanks to the user's sent memes updates
→Share all the memes via GMail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Picasa, etc..
→Set your favourite meme as Wallpaper
→Save a selected meme to your SD card
→This app doesn't require internet connection.

And remember.... as always...... IT'S FREE !!

If you want to add some images, or find any bug, please contact us by sending e-mail.

♦Trollface / Trolldad
♦Fat freak (Gordo granudo)
♦Rage guy
♦Forever Alone
♦Me gusta / Si
♦Cereal guy
♦Feel like a ninja
♦Feel like a sir
♦Fuck you
♦It's perfect
♦It's Something
♦Infinito desprecio
♦Change of plans
♦Fap Fap
♦Challenged Accepted
♦Challenged considered
♦Facepalm / Extreme FacePalm
♦Not bad
♦Mother of God
♦It's Free !
♦Everything went better than expected
♦Ohh yes
♦Long cat
♦Nothing to do there
♦Yao Ming
♦Are you trying to kidding me
And more "no named" memes!

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Try to look for:
memebase,memedroid, memedroid pro,rage reader

**If you send us any image, you agree to show your name/nickname and your image in any of the KNUApps application.

Meme Collection (Rage Faces) 更新内容


--PUBLISHED - v13.0

-New full remake

-Better performance

-Gridview v2

-Bye bye, Coverflow

-Holo theme available (Android 4.0/+)

Meme Collection (Rage Faces) 历史版本

Meme Collection (Rage Faces) 使用技巧

Meme Collection (Rage Faces) 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上
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