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I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock

I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock

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I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock 截图

I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock

I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock 描述

Can't wake up?
With this alarm clock you sure will get up on time, thanks to up to eight different Wake Up Tasks which won't let you turn the alarm off until you finish them!
Mind or body stimulation? Or maybe having to actually leave the bed? How about practising foreign language while we are at it?
This application features options that you would expect from alarm clock, like setting multiple alarms, daily repeating or snooze, plus many more, letting you set it up to your liking in almost every way possible:
- Smooth Wake Up – dimmed screen, volume rising, fully customizable
- Snooze Music – choose music that will play during your snooze
- Awake Test – ever woke up just to turn alarm off and go back to sleep? If you fail Awake Test few minutes after finishing alarm, alarm will be started again!
- many music sources – ringtones, music files (.mp3), playlists, shoutcasts or build-in extra loud noises
- starting chosen application after alarm’s finish
- auto turning off during phone calls
Wake Up Tasks:
Math – do some math equations
Memory – find pairs for each coloured tile
Order – set tiles in correct order
Repeat – repeat shown click sequence
Barcode – you have to get out of bed to scan the code placed in bathroom, kitchen or just on your table!
Rewrite – carefully rewrite randomly generated text
Shake – shake your phone until you feel awake
Match– connect word pairs – has build in Capital-Country collection, but you can easily make your own, for example with words in different languages!
You can configure every Method and test it quietly without running the alarm, to set it just the way you like.
Application is available only in english
This free app is ad supported and displays banner and full-screen ads.
Ad-free paid version is available.
Sony Xperia and Xiaomi users!
Make sure to add application to your 'battery saver mode' white list - without it alarm won't be able to wake up the device!
Application was tested on a few devices with different Android versions, but errors still can occur. I am working to fix every bug reported, but I am unable to fix errors mentioned only in comments section – please use build-in Logger to report bugs – your help is really appreciated!
Alarm WILL ring after device reboot! However mind, that it won't work if device is off or if you Force Close this application with any Application Manager or Battery Saver app.
Used permissions:
WAKE_LOCK – let’s alarm start when screen is off
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – to load alarms’ information on phone’s boot
VIBRATE – for vibrations
READ_PHONE_STATE – to stop alarm during phone calls
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – for writing backup, users' custom settings and log files
MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS – so alarm is able to play on max volume every time
WRITE_SETTINGS – for displaying information about next alarm on lock screen
BLUETOOTH and BLUETOOTH_ADMIN - for option to disable Bluetooth during alarm
DISABLE_KEYGUARD - needed for hiding lock screen on some devices
INTERNET – for shoutcasts/web radios and advertisements
- 平滑唤醒 - 调光屏幕,成交量上升,完全可定制
- 贪睡音乐 - 选择音乐,将你​​的打盹中起
- 清醒测试 - 以往任何时候都醒了只是把闹钟关闭,回去睡觉?如果你失败了清醒测试几分钟完成报警后,报警将再次启动!
- 很多音乐源 - 铃声,音乐文件(MP3播放),播放列表,shoutcasts或建立-额外大声喧哗
- 报警的完成之后开始选择的应用
- 自动在电话关闭
数学 - 做一些数学公式
内存 - 找到对每个颜色的瓷砖
订单 - 集瓦在正确的顺序
重复 - 重复显示点击顺序
条码 - 你要下床扫描代码放置在浴室,厨房或只是在你的桌面!
重写 - 仔细重写随机生成的文本
摇 - 摇动手机,直到你觉得不清醒
匹配 - 连接词对 - 已建立的首都 - 国家收藏​​,但你可以很容易使你自己的,比如在不同的语言的话!
确保应用程序添加到您的“省电模式”白名单 - 没有它,报警将无法唤醒设备!
应用进行了测试与不同的Andr​​oid版本的一些设备,但错误仍可能发生。我正在修复每一个错误的报道,但我无法修复只能在评论部分中提到的错误 - 请使用内置的记录器报告错误 - 你的帮助是非常感谢!
WAKE_LOCK - 让我们开始报警时,屏幕关闭
VIBRATE - 用于振动
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAG​​E - 写入备份,用户自定义设置和日志文件
MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS - 所以报警可以每次在最大音量播放
WRITE_SETTINGS - 显示有关锁屏下一个报警信息
蓝牙和BLUETOOTH_ADMIN - 供选择报警过程中禁用蓝牙
DISABLE_KEYGUARD - 需要隐藏锁屏界面上的一些设备
互联网 - 用于shoutcasts /网络收音机和广告

I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock 更新内容

Added new functionality - after alarm is finished, screen with information about next scheduled alarm is shown
Also fixed few minor bugs

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I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock 信息

影音播放 音乐
Android 2.2.x 以上


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