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Scottrade Mobile 介绍

Looking for an on-the-go investing tool that lets you check the market, get quotes and make trades virtually anytime, anywhere? The Scottrade® Mobile app for Android™ is free for everyone to download and puts Scottrade’s powerful trading tools at your fingertips.
The mobile trading app offers instant access to market research and stock quotes in real-time. You can also easily log in to your account for in-depth content and to make trades. Plus, the Scottrade Mobile app features Scottrade SmartText®, an exclusive tool that puts complex chart analysis into plain English.
Download the free Scottrade Mobile app today to find and research trading opportunities anytime, anywhere!
“Refresh vs. Streaming Quotes”
The app includes two options for quotes: streaming and static. Streaming quotes is activated by default and can be turned off in the Settings menu to improve battery life. Should you turn off streaming quotes, you can use the refresh button to access current quote data. Also, the refresh button is useful to update non-streaming content, such as news and commentary.
Candlestick charting is available. In fact, we have seven chart styles, 10 upper indicators, 38 lower indicators and SmartText®. In addition, we have eight charts with multiple time intervals per time range.
“Exiting App Completely”
To allow your Android device to completely shut down the app and not have it run in the background, you will need to press the menu button on your phone, choose MORE, then select Exit.
“Login Shortcut”
When using the Scottrade Mobile app not logged in, you can quickly click on any of the icons and log in directly to that section. This is helpful if you want to access a specific feature of the app that is only available post login.
There are other features and functionality that we will deliver in upcoming releases. Here are just a few of the items we are working on:
• Mobile banking
• Account funding and linking
• Landscape view
• Push notifications and more.

Scottrade Mobile 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:• FINRA has required an industry-wide name change for all equity stop orders.
• The new order names are provided below.
... “Stop Order” – now called “Stop-on-Quote Order”
... “Stop Limit Order” – now called “Stop-Limit-on-Quote
... "Trailing Stop Order” – now called “Trailing-
Stop-on-Quote Order”
• This update is a name change only and has no impact on
your order execution.
For more details on the name change, please visit the Scottrade® Knowledge Center.


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