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Hugo - Safari Movies

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Hugo - Safari Movies Hugo - Safari Movies Hugo - Safari Movies Hugo - Safari Movies

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HUGO SAFARI Educational Movies
Krea Medie brings you an exciting Award Winning Free film of HUGO on Safari.
Extra films can be bought with an In App Purchase.
There are 21 different Hugo Safari films altogether
Follow Hugo on safari and experience Africa’s wild animals close up. Hugo Safari combines impressive nature scenes with animated film. Hugo entertains Hugolina and their kids Rit, Rat and Rut with his amazing experiences. Hugo’s granddad turns up and talks about his experiences among the wild animals of the savannah. In Hugo Safari we meet the lions, the cheetah with its cubs, the elephant herd and the many hippos in the Mara river. The baboons stop by, and the vultures gather around a carcass in the savannah in Masai Mara.
We follow the herd of zebras, which cross the dangerous Mara river full of hungry crocodiles, and we also meet the leopard with its cubs. Hugo talks about the savannah’s tallest animal, the giraffe, and we see the little hyena cubs when they leave their lair for the first time. The rhino is after Hugo, and there’s drama when Hugo gets lost in the fog and is allowed to spend the night in the Masai village. We see the crocodiles licking their lips when they think Hugo’s granddad is going to be their dinner!

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