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Share your world.
Kullect is the best way to organize and share your interests and experiences from the real world.
It's human nature to collect things we care about. People love to collect cards, stamps, art and more - but what about all the stuff you can't keep in a box? Kullect lets you make virtual "kullections" of your interesting photos, videos, places and thoughts so you can remember them and show them off.
Kullections can be about any topic - memorable meals, noteworthy places, fashion finds, inspiring art, natural wonders, epic architecture, and more.
What do you kullect?

Kullect 更新内容

Kullect is a simple and fun way to organize your photos, videos, and thoughts into beautiful sets. Use Kullect to capture life’s moments and to tell stories about what you like, are passionate about, or have experienced. Discover interesting content from tastemakers and people with the same interests as you and easily share to your favorite networks including Facebook and Twitter.
☆ Post anything: Share photos, videos, and thoughts.
☆ Organize your posts into sets called “kullections”.
☆ Make photos look beautiful with custom filters.
☆ Instantly share with Facebook and Twitter. Tumblr and Flickr coming soon!
☆ Interact with friends through likes, comments, and messages.
☆ Add a place to any photo, video, or thought - powered by Foursquare.
Filter and Edit Photos
✔ Import photos from your photo library, the web, or even Instagram.
✔ Filter your photos using Pro, Warm, Bright, Country, Vintage, Cool, Sepia, and Black & White.
✔ Crop and rotate your photos and enhance them with a the “clarity” feature.
Create and Collaborate on Sets
✔ Organize your posts into virtual sets called “kullections” using photos, videos, and thoughts.
✔Curate your own “kullections” or invite your friends, family, and co-workers to collaborate.
Share and Discover Great Content
Kullect lets you easily find interesting content from people that share the same passions as you. Create and share “kullections” that show off your personality and experiences. Connect with people that have the same interests as you. Meet new people and make new friends by interacting with posts and users through likes, comments, and messages.
How might you use Kullect?
1.) Express your creativity - show off your photography, sketches, crafts, etc...
2.) Capture your memories - everyday moments with friends to travels near and far.
3.) Share your interests - from your foodie adventures to the awesome street art you found.
4.) Express your style - everything from your taste in fashion and food to music and movies.
5.) Journal your thoughts - including ideas, quotes, and more.
6.) Scrapbook your life - save your favorite restaurants, bars, and other unique finds.
What our Users are Saying:
- “This app is so much fun! Love it.”
- “Best app to capture and organize things based on individual interests.”
- “This is an absolute must have app!!”
- “Pinterest married Instagram and made an awesome mix! I love it!”
- “Addicting! It’s like my two favorite things, Facebook and Pinterest”.
- “Easy, convenient, fun, useful, practical, social, engaging, enlightening, and amazing.”
- “It’s like digital scrapbooking on the go.”
- “I’m addicted to Kullect and I’m telling all my friends about it.”
- “Pinterest for everyday life!”

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Android 2.1.x 以上



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