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Railroad Kingdom

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Railroad Kingdom Railroad Kingdom Railroad Kingdom Railroad Kingdom Railroad Kingdom Railroad Kingdom

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Introduction: The coolest ever train game is coming! As a newbie in train companies, you have to develop your company from only one station to building tracks all over the world. By working with your friends, you can finally achieve the goal of becoming the next train magnate!Various stylish trainsIn Railroad Kingdom, you can not only find trains based on reality in past one hundred years, but also those based on fictions or movies. In this game, you can choose your favorite trains and decorate them as you like. Decorated trains will attract more passengers and friends to visit your city. The more passengers and friends you have, the more money you will gain! Plus, once your train reaches certain level, it can be upgraded. So, don’t be afraid that your favorite trains will be dusty in the garage. Create your own city: In this game, there are 4 major international cities, adding up 8 zones that wait for you to explore! Every city has its unique architectures and diverse background music. Eiffel Tower in Paris, Statue of Liberty in New York, Pyramid in Egypt and the Heaven Temple in Beijing, these will all be presented in your city. In each city, you need to unlock several garages accordingly to park your trains or your friends’. You can freely decorate your garages and send pictures of your city to your friends. They will be amazed! Unique membership system: We elaborately set a unique membership system and various VIP buildings to make the game more interesting. You can build all kinds of VIP buildings which have a strong visual impact and open their VIP qualifications to boost the speed of the game.Extensive Papaya platform Papaya platform where we launched our game has millions of players. You can easily make friends here and join in circles that you are interested in. Come and end your boring single game life here! Keywords:Railroad, Rail, kingdom, Social, Game, Papaya, Cooplayer, Train, Railway, Tycoon,road,Traingame,railroad game,railyway game,train game,city,buildings

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Android 1.5.0 以上

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