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Lamplighter Candles & Decor

Lamplighter Candles & Decor

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Lamplighter Candles & Decor Lamplighter Candles & Decor Lamplighter Candles & Decor

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Order Candles, Accessories, and Home Decor from your mobile device.

Candles, once merely a source of illumination, light our lives with intense fragrance, inner warmth, luxurious comfort, romantic ambiance, and vibrant celebration. With over 20 different brands of luxury scented candles, you are sure to find one that you will fall in love with. Now you can order candles, candle accessories, and home decor items right from your mobile device!

We carry natural beeswax, soy, palm oil, and even surf-wax candles.

Our candles come in many different types that include:
* Jar
* Votive
* Pillar
* Taper or Dinner
* Tealight
* Floater
* Scented
* Gel
* Luminaria
* Specialty

In addition to candles, we offer bath and body products, lotions, hand-made soaps and scented diffusers. Along with candles, we offer candle dippers, candle snuffers, candle trimmers, candle lighters, matches, and even candle jewelry to ensure that you get the most out of your candles!
Lamplighter Candles and Home Decor is THE place to order all of your unique top quality, affordable candles, candle accessories and home décor items.

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