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PNR status and train info

PNR status and train info

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PNR status and train info 截图

PNR status and train info PNR status and train info PNR status and train info PNR status and train info PNR status and train info PNR status and train info

PNR status and train info 描述

The one-stop application for Indian Railways train travellers. It is very fast and smooth and has many features like PNR status, train schedule, train running status, trains between stations, seat availability, etc.
It has the following features:
- Check PNR status of your Indian Railways train ticket
- Check PNR status of all printable tickets from your IRCTC account
- Train schedule from train name or train number (including train name search and automatic save of all train schedules)
- Train map
- Trains between stations (with an option to display seat availability of all matching trains in the same page)
- Seat availability
- Running status of a train
- Arrivals and departures at a station
- Fare enquiry
- Display and save your IRCTC e-ticket/electronic reservation slip (ERS). This can also be shown to the TTE as a valid ticket with any of the recognised ID cards. Long press on a PNR and tap on "Get e-ticket/ERS" to use this option.
- Train status map
You can also enter your IRCTC username and password and it will get the ticket status of all printable tickets from your IRCTC account. All communication with your username and password is fully encrypted with SSL, RSA and/or AES encryption methods.
Additional features:
- saves PNR status of all tickets automatically
- save one pair of IRCTC username and password to avoid entering it repeatedly (this is saved on your phone in the app's data folder)
- saves IRCTC e-ticket automatically
- displays train arrival and departure timings for each ticket
- view status of several tickets at once
- saves train schedule automatically so it can be viewed even if network is not available
This application is for users of the Indian Railways train network only. This does not support railways of other countries.
Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with IRCTC or Indian Railways. Although we try our best to ensure that nothing undesirable happens with your account, we do not guarantee it and we are not liable for any action our app makes.
- 检查PNR地位的印度铁路火车票
- 检查所有可打印的门票PNR状态IRCTC帐户
- 从的火车名称或火车车次(包括的列车名称搜索和自动保​​存所有的列车时刻表火车时刻表)
- 列车运行图
- 站之间的火车(有一个选项,以显示在同一页面中所有匹配的火车座位情况)
- 座位情况
- 运行状态的一列火车
- 在一个车站的到达和离开
- 票价查询
- 显示并保存IRCTC e-ticket/electronic预订单(ERS)。这也可以显示的TTE有效车票的认可与任何身份证。长按一个PNR和自来水的“获取e-ticket/ERS的”使用此选项。
- 列车状态图
- 自动节省PNR状态的所有门票
- 保存一对,IRCTC用户名和密码,以避免反复输入(这是储存在手机上的应用程序的数据文件夹中)
- 节省IRCTC自动电子客票
- 显示列车到达和出发时间,为每个票
- 查看状态的几个门票一次
- 自动保存列车时刻表,即使它可以被看作网络不可用

PNR status and train info 更新内容

- fix PNR status
- fix seat availability
- fix running status
- fix arrivals and departures
- fix trains between stations
- show distance and ETA in running status
- add option to copy PNR and to share PNR status
- UI improvements
- bug fixes
- fix compatibility with Android 1.6
- do not show ads if pro version is installed
- Save train schedule automatically

PNR status and train info 历史版本

PNR status and train info 使用技巧

PNR status and train info 信息

旅游出行 购票
Android 1.6.0 以上
Vedant Lath

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