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Jabra SUPREME application

Jabra SUPREME application

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Jabra SUPREME application Jabra SUPREME application Jabra SUPREME application Jabra SUPREME application

Jabra SUPREME application 描述

Jabra SUPREME comes with a free SUPREME smartphone app, which is loaded with features that will let you customize your SUPREME experience to suit your preferences. The application interacts actively with your SUPREME headset giving you access to additional premium features.
By installing the SUPREME application on your Smartphone, it will let you choose between three different profiles, to make sure you have the perfect sound settings based on where you are – in your office, outdoors or in your car. You can also achieve your optimal level of Active Noise Cancellation by simply sliding the on-screen bar to adjust how much ANC your Jabra SUPREME has at any given time. The smooth, intuitive visual interface of the app lets you see how much battery you have left on your headset in your smartphone display, turning red to alert you when it’s time to recharge. Using this app, you can even record audio notes by tapping your headset. Then, just save them on your app or send them via email or MMS. Enjoy all these great features and more when you download the Jabra SUPREME app. Note that that SUPREME application only works in conjunction with the Jabra SUPREME headset.

Jabra SUPREME application 更新内容

Compatibility and bug fixes.
HTC Desire HD users still can experience problems with audio notes while using headset.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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