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Manage My Pain Lite

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Manage My Pain Lite Manage My Pain Lite Manage My Pain Lite Manage My Pain Lite Manage My Pain Lite Manage My Pain Lite

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Track, analyze, and share your pain.
Manage My Pain helps you and others better understand what you are going through. It has helped thousands of people with conditions like fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis, or back pain better understand their symptoms and provide evidence of their pain for their doctors, insurance companies, or government agencies. Manage My Pain creates reports designed by doctors for doctors - ones that your doctor will actually read!
• Track your pain using a simple, quick, yet powerfully customizable entry screen
• Get insight to your condition through statistics, charts, graphs, and calendar views
• Sync with the cloud to safe-keep your records and keep all your devices up to date
• Share what you're going through by creating evidence-based reports for diagnosis, treatment, and claims
• Personalize your account by recording your medical and personal characteristics
• Get support from a responsive team and detailed user guides
Create and view your records anywhere, anytime, and from any Android device, while knowing that your information will be protected & secure.
The Pro version adds:
• the ability to view more than 10 records
• background sync capabilities
To migrate from Lite to Pro (using online account):
• Create an online account and synchronize your information
• Install the Pro version and login to your account
To migrate from Lite to Pro (without an online account):
• Press the Backup/Restore button in the Lite version
• Select Backup from the pop-up
• Launch the Pro version, and press Backup/Restore
• Select Restore from the pop-up
• Select the latest backup file from the list that appears
• Validate that all records exist in Pro and uninstall Lite
Developed for patients suffering from and care-givers or medical professionals treating:
• arthritis & rheumatism
• cancer
• chronic pain
• headaches & migraines
• fibromyalgia
Questions? Bugs? Feature Requests? We want to hear from you to ensure a 5-star experience!
• Website: http://www.managinglife.com/contact
• Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/lifecontrolsw
• Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ManageMyPain
• Google+: http://goo.gl/TyXjC
Use this pain management app to replace your hand-written:
• pain diary
• pain journal
• pain log
• pain tracker
管理我的痛苦都有助于你和其他人更好地理解你正在经历。它帮助成千上万的人与像纤维肌痛,偏头痛,关节炎,或背痛条件更好地了解他们的症状,并提供他们的痛苦的证据他们的医生,保险公司,或政府机构。管理我的疼痛产生由医生为医生设计的报告 - 那些医生将实际阅读!
• 慢性疼痛

Manage My Pain Lite 更新内容

Version 2.52 (03-Jun-2016):
• Fix: Crashes in v2.x versions of Android
• Fix: Filtering daily reflections using meaningful activities
• Fix: Generating reports with complex medications as Calendar overlays
Version 2.51 (17-May-2016):
• Fix: My Profile now saves without crashing
Version 2.5 (13-May-2016):
• Feature: Record meaningful activities you do daily (important for doctors and yourself!)
• Fix: Synchronization messages are now less annoying
• Fix: Stability improvements throughout

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