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昆虫之王 完整版

昆虫之王 完整版

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昆虫之王 完整版 昆虫之王 完整版 昆虫之王 完整版 昆虫之王 完整版 昆虫之王 完整版

昆虫之王 完整版 描述

The battlefield is all set warming up for a war that promises to be quite exciting! Armies are geared up to prove their mettle. There are no armored soldiers slashing swords or machine guns recklessly firing away. But soldiers take on each other in a grim battle that only gets tougher and tougher. Attacks are strategically planned and armies fight tooth and nail. Only the fittest will survive. Who will emerge victorious? Will your army walk away with the crown?
Leaders Games is proud to present the ultimate bug battle that tests your strategic skills and dexterity. BugKing is a fun, refreshing and original challenge where insects wage a war against each other to conquer territories and defeat enemies! Get your nimble fingers into action, sharpen your reflexes and stay alert for some edge-of-the-seat action!
 Real-time strategy game
 A seamless blend of action, fun and entertainment
 Engaging and addictive gameplay
 48 levels of fast-paced gaming
 3 unique army bases to choose from
 3 smart power ups to increase productivity and improve stats
 3 modes of difficulty
 A convenient skill option for timely help
 Statistics to track your progress
 A well-defined tutorial
 Cute graphics and animation
 Amazing music and great sound effects
 Suitable for all age groups
The competition in the world of insects is immense. You've got to build a base, form your army and capture your enemies' bases as fast as you can. BugKing promises riveting action which all gaming freaks can relish.
• Select a mode of difficulty (Easy/Normal/Hard).
• Choose a bug hero to represent your race (Bee/Ant/Spider).
• Touch your base and drag to the adjacent base to dispatch your bugs for the attack.
• Attack from multiple bases with simple swipe and drag moves.
• Make use of a skill when the skill gauge is full.
• Capture all the enemy bases to clear a level.
The bigger your base, the more bugs you can have. Slay the bugs, which invade your territory. Bag power ups to fight with increased vigor. Stay in control of your bugs to plan your moves, strengthen your attack and defend yourself while raining destruction on your foes! Download BugKing now and step into the battlefield. But beware, insect wars can be too hot to handle!
领导游戏是自豪地介绍终极战斗的bug,测试你的战略能力和灵巧。 BugKing是一个有趣的,令人耳目一新和原始的挑战,其中昆虫发动打击对方的战争征服的领土,击败敌人!让你灵巧的手指行动起来,提高你的反射和保持警觉边缘的最座椅的一些行动!
在昆虫世界的竞争是巨大的。你必须建立一个基地,形成你的军队和捕捉敌人的基地一样快,你可以​​。 BugKing承诺铆动作,所有的游戏怪胎可以品尝。

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Android 2.0.1 以上

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