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Message Delayer

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Message Delayer Message Delayer Message Delayer Message Delayer Message Delayer

Message Delayer 描述

Text any time, in any state with Message Delayer!

Create your text (sms), set a date or delay and sit back. This application will handle the rest.

* Send a text (sms) at anytime without any input from you.
* Sent text messages are shown in your sent box.
* Send morning texts(sms), without waking up.
* Repeat daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
* Turn your phone off and on and it will still work.
* Track the status of each text(sms) and even edit them before they are sent.
* Updates adding the features you want.

Permissions required so you may select contacts and send messages even while your phone sleeps.

Thanks for your responses and votes, I appreciate them all (even constructive negative ones).

If you have any issues with this application please be constructive in your comments.

If you are experiencing problems add this app to the ignore list of any task/processor manager/killer as that is likely to be the cause of messages failing to send.

Message Delayer 更新内容


Message Delayer shows up in Send To selection dialog for contacts.

Message Delayer shows up in Share selection Dialog for plain text.

Removed character check when selecting a contact, any combination of characters can now be used.

Red, Failed color being set on texts that didn't fail if just one does.

After 3 attempts failed messages should display they have failed and stop.

Potential fixes with null pointer errors when calling SharedPreferences.

Ad support implemented.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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