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*** Please install the latest NAS firmware first to use full function of MyData 2.0 ***
Introducing the LG NAS Smartphone App
The new LG NAS Smartphone App allows for seamless streaming of all your favorite multimedia files between your smart phone and LG NAS system.
Also you can easily set up ‘Home Monitoring System’. With USB camera and connection to your NAS, you can use real-time monitoring, recoding, and playing function in Home monitoring module.
Mobile Application is the easiest method of remotely connecting LG NAS to a smart device. It is an extremely useful application that allows not only managing your data but also it supports viewing the photos, streaming music and video.
Enjoy your smart life with this powerful app!
[Major features]
1) Enjoying and managing various contents of mobile device.
- Multimedia file playing – Photo, Music, Video
- File searching and sorting
- Easy contents storing and backup (mobile device  NAS, W/File Manager app)
- Sending files - Email, Facebook, Twitter, MMS, Kakaotok
- Efficient options – many play mode, sorting, view mode
- Supporting background music playing
2) Streaming & download playing of NAS contents
- Streaming play of NAS contents by internet connection (3G or Wifi) without downloading contents to mobile device, or download play of NAS contents which is not able to stream.
- Using huge online NAS storage – over 1TB.
- Streaming multimedia contents – Photo, Music, and Video.
- Folder searching, access to each files and running contents file.
3) Home monitoring
- Monitoring, recording, and playing of video data
- Screen monitoring on web page and mobile device.
- Searching and streaming of recorded files.
★ For using this application, the media server(DLNA) have to be set as "enable" in NAS Web page.
★ In case of certain device model or Android OS, some problems can be occurred. Especially if you have issues with video, music streaming, you need to check codec supporting in your device side.
LG NAS development team is passionately working on updating the application for better service.
Please check and keep the firmware of your device up to date. We highly recommend using the latest firmware.
Thank you for choosing LG NAS. We are trying to support better service to our customers all over the world.

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此版本中的新功能:In case of invalid file for streaming play of Video or Music module, it can be streamed by another player in device.

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Android 2.0.1 以上

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