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LAS-9 Music Looper/ Wav Mixer

LAS-9 Music Looper/ Wav Mixer

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LAS-9 Music Looper/ Wav Mixer 截图

LAS-9 Music Looper/ Wav Mixer LAS-9 Music Looper/ Wav Mixer LAS-9 Music Looper/ Wav Mixer LAS-9 Music Looper/ Wav Mixer

LAS-9 Music Looper/ Wav Mixer 描述

LAS-9 lets you loop and mix any 9 wave files simultaneously with full control over each track's stereo volume and playback rate. You can also save mix settings to restart easily.
Perfect for ambient composing!
Upon start, the program gives you the chance to download the tracks from FM3's Buddha Machine 2.0 and Buddha Machine 3 Chan Fang.
Write me if you find problems or suggestions!
Change log:
0.87 - Doesn't crash when a directory has both files and directories in it
0.88 - Even better at handling double touches
- The zip file filled with wav files is now downloaded to the SD card instead of internal memory (and promptly deleted)
0.89 - Reorganized the help file
0.90 - Can move to SDcard on 2.2+, bugs
0.91 - Allows for read only SDcards, a couple of bugs
0.92 - Attention user who sent the Error Report "fjgg", this should help
0.93 - Added FM3's Buddha Machine 3 Chan Fang as a set of WAVs to be downloaded. (If you're updating, please press the menu button and select "Help" and finally, press the "Click me to get some music" button.)
0.94 - Changed URL for these zip files. Google Docs stopped playing ball. They made it personal.
0.95 - Removed a variable which caused at least one NPE (sorry guy)
0.961 - Completely redesigned the layout so it looks almost the same but should look better on tablets. I conquered the TableLayout!! Acclimated to Android 4 and fixed a few bugs aimed at catching NPEs
0.965 - Fixed a bug for the person who sent in an error report with the message, "Bloody Rubbish". Sorry guy!
0.97 - Sorry for the update train, Android 4 had changed some things that I caught after the last update: left and right flipped, some other little changes
0.971 - Fixed an NPE for when someone tries to save a state without having first loaded tracks.
0.98 - Compatible with JellyBean. Changed the layout of the dialogs - should look better on tablets. Increased the resolution of the tiles; they should look better on tablets. Bug fixes (VolumeDialog doesn't choose any longer what the volume should be, one AIOOBE bug fix)
0.981 - reworked the Help dialog - the downloadables are from a different location. The download routine works again. Some of the dialog titles are fully visible now. This'll be the last version with pre-gingerbread support.
0.982 - for 4.1+ only. Merely adjusted so 4.2 could download it, no changes to the program.
0.87 - 当一个目录中有两个文件和目录不会崩溃
0.88 - 更妙的是在处理双触摸
      - 充满wav文件的zip文件现在下载到SD卡,而不是内部存储器(并及时删除)
0.89 - 改组帮助文件
0.90 - 可以移动到SD卡上的2.2 +的bug
0.91 - 允许只读SDcards,一对夫妇的错误
0.92 - 谁发送了错误报告“fjgg”关注用户,这应该有助于
0.93 - 增加了FM3的念佛机3陈方为一组的WAV文件被下载。 (如果您要更新,请按菜单键,选择“帮助”,最后按“点击这里给我弄点音乐”按钮。)
0.94 - 改变的URL这些zip文件。谷歌文档停止打球。他们做了个人。
0.95 - 删除造成至少一NPE(对不起家伙)的变量
0.961 - 完全重新设计的布局,所以它看起来几乎相同,但应该更好看的片。我征服了TableLayout!驯化到Android 4和固定了几个bug,旨在追赶的NPE
0.965 - 用于固定在谁的错误报告发送的消息,“血色垃圾”的人的错误。对不起家伙!
0.97 - 对不起,更新列车,安卓4.0改变了一些事情,我赶上了最后更新后:左右翻转,其他一些小的变化
0.971 - 修正了一个NPE当有人试图保存一个状态,而不必首先加载轨迹的。
0.98 - 兼容软糖。改变对话框的布局 - 应该更好看的片。增加了瓷砖的决议,他们应该更好看的片。错误修正(VolumeDialog不选择任何不再是什么音量应该是一AIOOBE错误修复)
0.981 - 重新设计的帮助对话框 - 该下载内容是从不同的位置。下载例行工作了。一些对话框标题是完全可见的现在。这将是最后一个版本的预​​姜饼支持。
0.982 - 4.1 +只。仅仅是调整,使4.2可以下载它,没有改变计划。

LAS-9 Music Looper/ Wav Mixer 更新内容

0.987 - for 4.0+. Now it won't crash in the background during a file download
0.986 - for 4.0+. Due to a NPE, reworked how the threads are handled, a little. It should handle memory a lot better for when toddlers press a hundred buttons per minute.
0.985 - for 4.0+. Compatible with KitKat!
0.984 - for 4.0+ only. Adjusted for some APIs which were deprecated with JB MR2.
0.983 - for 4.0+ only. Added support for xhdpi and fixed a NPE and support bluetooth a little better (buffer sizes...).

LAS-9 Music Looper/ Wav Mixer 历史版本

LAS-9 Music Looper/ Wav Mixer 使用技巧

LAS-9 Music Looper/ Wav Mixer 信息

Android 4.0.3 以上

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