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Beebdroid (BBC Micro emulator)

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Beebdroid (BBC Micro emulator) Beebdroid (BBC Micro emulator) Beebdroid (BBC Micro emulator) Beebdroid (BBC Micro emulator) Beebdroid (BBC Micro emulator) Beebdroid (BBC Micro emulator) Beebdroid (BBC Micro emulator) Beebdroid (BBC Micro emulator)

Beebdroid (BBC Micro emulator) 描述

We grew up with the BBC Micro and we loved it, so we're bringing it back to the world!
See that Android phone in your hand? That's not Intel inside - it's powered by an ARM processor. The 'A' in 'ARM' stood for Acorn, a visionary British company that produced the seminal BBC Micro, and thirty years later - coming full circle - your phone hosts its venerable ancestor today.
Have fun reliving classic games from the 1980s, hosted by BBC Micro preservation website stairwaytohell.com - any questions, please email support@littlefluffytoys.mobi
Works at the full 50 frames per second on most recent powerful Android phones and tablets. This means anything significantly better than an HTC Desire or Nexus One (except, annoyingly, the brand new Galaxy Nexus, because it has the archaic GPU from 2010's Galaxy S pushing 240% of the pixels), or any Android 3.x or 4.x tablet. If you try to run this thing on something like a Wildfire or a ZTE Blade, please don't whinge to us that it runs like a dog - just go and buy a Galaxy S II already ;) It's an extremely faithful emulation, way moreso than other machines' emulators, but if you think you can make it quicker, get involved - it's open-source - code it!
Works with the specialised controls of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (but doesn't run at 50 frames per second).
This FREE and OPEN SOURCE application - the source code is published on Github at https://github.com/littlefluffytoys/Beebdroid - is based on B-Em for Linux by Tom Walker and licensed under GNU General Public License v2.0 as detailed at http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html - we encourage others to assist us in developing Beebdroid further. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the license for more details.
Beebdroid does not ship with any third party programs such as games - these are accessed via third party websites which have hosted such programs for years. Should any licence holders object to third party websites providing such programs, please contact the third party websites in question. We are furthermore also happy on a best-effort basis to block the visibility of specific programs within Beebdroid upon written request from verified product licence holders. We are also able to offer an in-app payment solution for your programs in such circumstances - please contact us for details.
The rights to the BBC Micro ROMs are believed by the emulator community to have effectively fallen into the public domain, having lain unclaimed for many years - Acorn itself is of course long bankrupt, and the documentation for the rights is rumoured to have gone down in the World Trade Center on 9/11. If you believe that you have a claim to the ROMs that has never been disclosed to the emulator community, or indeed has never been proven under law, remember that this is a labour of love, a free and open source preservation effort, and so please talk to us in the first instance, cheers!
我们一起长大了BBC Micro和我们喜欢它,所以我们把它恢复到全球!
看到Android手机在你手上?这不是英特尔里面 - 它搭载ARM处理器。在“ARM”的“A”代表着橡子,所生产的开创性BBC的微型一个有远见的英国公司,三十年后 - 一圈下来 - 你的手机今天主持它的古老祖先。
有乐趣重温经典游戏从20世纪80年代,由英国广播公司微保鲜网站stairwaytohell.com托管 - 有任何疑问,请电邮support@littlefluffytoys.mobi
作品以每秒满50帧上最新的强大的Andr​​oid手机和平板电脑。这意味着任何东西比一个的HTC Desire或Nexus One的显著好(除了烦人,全新的Galaxy Nexus的,因为它有从2010年的Galaxy S的推像素的240%古老的GPU),或任何Android 3.x或4。 x片。如果你尝试在一个类似野火或中兴刀锋跑这件事情,请不要抱怨不止我们,它运行像狗一样 - 只是去购买一部Galaxy S II已经;)这是一个非常忠实的模拟,这样的moreso比其他机器的仿真器,但如果你认为你可以把它更快,介入 - 这是开源的 - 代码吧!
这个自由和开放源码应用程序 - 源代码公布在Github上的https://github.com/littlefluffytoys/Beebdroid - 基于B-EM为Linux由汤姆·沃克和在GNU通用公共许可证2.0版的详细行货在http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html - 我们鼓励其他人帮助我们进一步发展Beebdroid。本程序发布是希望它有用,但没有任何担保;没有适销性或针对特定用途的的默示性担保。详情请参阅许可。
Beebdroid不会如游戏的任何第三方程序出货 - 这是通过已举办此类活动多年第三方网站的访问。如有任何牌照持有人反对提供这种方案的第三方网站,请联络有关的第三方网站。我们另外也很高兴尽最大努力基准后,从验证产品许可证持有人的书面请求来阻止内Beebdroid具体方案的知名度。我们也能够提供给你的程序应用程序内支付解决方案在这种情况下 - 请联系我们。
权利对英国广播公司微ROM的是由模拟器社会相信已有效地进入公有领域,已无人认领躺了很多年 - 橡果本身当然是长破产,并为权利的文件被传言已经在下降了世界贸易中心9/11。如果你认为你有一个自称从未被披露模拟器社会,或什至从来没有被依法证实,记住,这是一个热爱劳动,一个自由和开放源码的保存精力,所以ROM的请跟我们在一审,干杯!

Beebdroid (BBC Micro emulator) 更新内容

Sound now working on Android 5.0 and later. Added x86 support. Removed adverts. And we're working on some enhancements over the next few weeks - if you have any requests, email support@littlefluffytoys.mobi cheers!

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