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LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Counter

LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Counter

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LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Counter LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Counter LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Counter LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Counter LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Counter LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Counter LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Counter LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Counter LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Counter LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Counter LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Counter

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LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker Lite - Diet and Fitness Tracker.
Join over 4 million members who have lost weight using LIVESTRONG.COM's MyPlate calorie counter application.
This is the free, ad supported version of Calorie Tracker and does not include synchronization between devices or with the LIVESTRONG.COM website.
In the Lite app we also introduce Mobile Rewards! Now you can unlock achievements, collect mPOINTS and redeem for real rewards.
The LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker can help you reach your diet, weight loss and fitness goals by tracking your daily calories and exercise. Lose weight easily by setting your weight goals and track your calories and progress with our comprehensive online food journal containing over 1 Million food and fitness items. Tracking works. You will lose weight like millions of other members.
The Calorie Tracker tracks your daily caloric, fat, carbohydrate and protein intake with the click of a button. You will have access to MyPlate at LIVESTRONG.COM, which offers a comprehensive nutrition database of more than 1.3 million food and restaurant items. Most major competitors only have 7,000 items in their database.
You can also find and track the amount of calories you can burn in our database of exercises and activities. Caloric burn is calculated based personally on your measurements.
Whether you want to lose, maintain or gain weight, the LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker will help you achieve your diet and nutritional goals.
This application is a companion tool for members of MyPlate at LIVESTRONG.COM. There is also a free service online. www.livestrong.com/thedailyplate
Additional online features include support groups, forums on a variety of topics and expert Q&A.
The LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker offers:
• Easy to use interface for tracking
• The largest database of food and restaurant items
• Personalized daily calorie intake based on your goals
• Weight tracking with easy to read progress chart
• Motivational community that will inspire you to stick with your goals
• Water tracking to help you ensure you are staying hydrated
• Daily reminders to keep you on track to hitting your weight goal
• Full support for use on iPhone and iPad
The LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker is a diet coach, nutritionist, calorie counter and food planner at your fingertips.
For any questions or help with the application, check out our support forum:
LIVESTRONG.COM inspires and empowers people to achieve their daily goals around living healthy. The site connects visitors with useful tools, trustworthy information and a passionate, engaged community of likeminded people, who are willing to share their experiences. For additional information about LIVESTRONG.COM, please visit: www.livestrong.com

LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Counter 更新内容


Version 1.5 includes improved messaging for upgrading from the lite to full featured Calorie Tracker.

The update in this version, 1.4, resolves an issue with migrating from the Lite app to the full featured Calorie Tracker with no ads.

Version 1.3 includes the following changes:

- Improvements to mPoints and claiming mobile rewards

- Fixes to prevent the app from crashing

Happy tracking!


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